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Administrator and admin aides code of conduct

Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 1:54 pm
by Fancy Rats Admin
Administrator and admin aides code of conduct:

Moderation discussions and votes are to be kept confidential within the rat world.

Information on the database should only be accessed as and when necessary.

All moderation must be made fairly, according to written guidelines, even when dealing with friends and enemies.

Members of the Admin Team may moderate unilaterally according to written guidelines wherever a prescribed course of action is clear. Admin aides may carry out general forum moderation duties unilaterally. All complex moderration decisions must always be made with the consensus of the available admin team.

Admin and moderation powers, or the position of authority within the community must never be abused.

Administrators and admin aides must keep in mind at all times that they represent FR as a whole. Posts on the main forum must therefore be calm, informative, and must be in line with the FR ethical statement.

Administrators and admin aides should endeavour to create as welcoming an environment as possible for new members, actively supporting them where possible.

To ensure that all "sections/duties" are covered, personnel must keep others informed when they are not around temporarily, or if they feel that they are not currently in a fit state to moderate fully.

Administrators and admin aides should (for the most part) be proactive members of the Fancy Rats community.

All personnel agree to uphold the Fancy Rats ethical statement in their own lives and those who breed agree to uphold the Fancy Rats ethical breeders statement in their own breeding program.

Administrators and admin aides are subject to the rules of the forum, as well as this code of conduct and the ethical statements. The Admin Team can moderate any member of the team if this becomes necessary.

Author: Fancy Rats Team