URFGENT: Lone doe kitten, found outside, Cheshire!

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URFGENT: Lone doe kitten, found outside, Cheshire!

Post by Fennic » Sun Sep 17, 2017 9:24 am

Contact details: Fennic on FR forum, or through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ashley.stone.5439
Rescue organisation:n/a
Location: Widnes. Cheshire

Number of groups of rats: 1

Group number: 1
Number of rats in group: 1
Gender: Doe
Age(s): 4 - 6 weeks
Name(s): N/A
Colours/varieties: Hooded or capped, don't recall colors
Neutered: No

Reason for rehoming: Just found outside in a shoebox, looked for others, no signs other than another box with adult poos in, other rat was not located.

Temperament: Curious, bur understandabally afraid.
Medical problems: Sarcoptic mange mites (Easily treatable!)
Will the group be split (only relevant for groups of 4 and over): N/A

Transport available: No
Other: Believed to possibly be a feeder or such, found in a shoe box in the middle of a street. Will be needed to be vetted.
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