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Fostering offered in East Yorkshire

Posted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:02 am
by Wilcox_87
Hi all,

I would like to start fostering in the East Yorkshire/Humber area. I currently have a spare cage that could take up to six adults (bar spacings are also small enough for babies) so currently only have the facilities to take on one single sex group at a time (or two smaller groups that I could intro together). I do have the space for another cage so I could take in an additional group if they came with their own home, also, in an emergency, I have a large holiday cage at my parent's house which is a two hour drive.

I know one/two groups at a time does not sound like a lot but if I can help even one rat find his/her forever home then I will be happy :D I have tried calling around a couple of the local rescue centres near me and got the same kind or reaction from both... "Rats? No we don't normally rescue rats" :evil:

My rats have their own room for free ranging, I have access to a very good vet, and I am willing to drive quite a distance to pick up if needed.