Looking for 2 rex ratties in London

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Looking for 2 rex ratties in London

Post by steveb » Fri Apr 20, 2018 11:02 am

I am looking for 2 curly haired rex rats (male or female) in the south east London area.

I have the proud dad of many rats over the years, usually albinos and hooded varieties. My last two lived in a 4 foot high wooden Degu house with ladders and ledges and rope swings everywhere. Sadly, they both past away many years ago and I have missed having little people around.

I have my heart set on a couple of little curly haired "sheep"

Please help.

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Re: Looking for 2 rex ratties in London

Post by cyber ratty » Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:02 pm

Rescues will sometimes have rexes available, but you could be waiting a while for one, let alone for more, so I would suggest you contact breeders who work with rex from the NFRS breeders list.

Also, I strongly recommend starting with a group of 3 rather than 2, it enables the rats to form a variety of relationships, and have a choice over who they do what with (no risk of one wanting to play while the other wants to rest for example). It leads to a much happier, and enriched group. Then after a year or so you could introduce another couple of kittens, so that your group rolls forward without anyone being left alone as the last rat. :luck:

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