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Welcome to the Fancy Rats Forum

Posted: Wed Aug 03, 2011 11:34 am
by Fancy Rats Admin
Welcome to the Fancy Rats community

This forum exists as a resource to provide help, support, advice and information to all those who are interested in rats or have rats in their care. We hope you find what you're looking for here, and if you choose to register, that you enjoy posting and sharing in the additional forum areas, although if you just want to read, you're very welcome too.

The articles and websites listed in the Information section may help you to find what you are looking for and there are Useful Stuff guides at the top of many of the boards.

If you wish to join us please introduce yourself in Introductions, and familiarise yourself with the forum ethics and rules of posting in Bulletins. Many of the boards also have specific guidelines for posting which will also give you plenty of useful information.

We hope you enjoy your time here and that it is of benefit to both you and your rats. if you have any problems or suggestions for us please post in Forum help, or PM Fancy Rats Admin. If you are not registered you can email us on

We regret to say that due to high numbers of spam registrations, if you do not activate your account within one week, it will be deleted and you will need to register again.

Please note that this is a second generation forum and we have a massive resource in the first version which ran for 10 years. There is a link to this archive at the bottom of the index page and we hope that you will find the information there useful.