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Advertising banner guidelines

Posted: Tue Aug 23, 2011 12:36 pm
by Fancy Rats Admin
  • Receipt of the relevant payment buys advertising space on one board for one year only. There is no guarantee that the same location will be available to the same individual at the same price next year. Prime sites around the board my be rotated to be fair to all members, or higher rates may be charged for these areas.
  • All banner adverts must comply with the guidelines and be submitted in the correct size and format. This comprises a picture file of the banner at the correct size, and any url to which the banner should lead.
  • All banners must be submitted in the standard banner size of 468 x 60 (see banner on the index page of the old forum).
  • No moving images may be included.
  • The banner content must comply with board rules and cannot be used to bypass board rules eg to freely advertise animals that would not be permitted on the forum.
  • Predominant colour schemes should be compatible with the forum design. All adverts will be reviewed by the admin team prior to approval. Changes may be recommended where these will keep the forum pleasant and accessible to all.
  • Any advert considered inaccessible - due to design or content (or likely to make the forum less accessible) to a reasonable proportion of our members will not be approved. Design issues would include the use of large numbers of different fonts or formatting styles in one advert.
  • No banner advert will be accepted until payment has been processed.
  • The FR Admin team provide no guarantee of forum uptime or traffic. No refunds will be given in respect of downtime.