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Stratafix sutures

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:58 pm
by mithras9
One of my does, Zill, went to the vets for a lumpectomy last week, and I was offered Stratafix sutures at a slightly increased price.

I'd never heard of them and couldn't find anything about Stratafix for rats (I think it may be relatively new?) so thought I'd put up a post, in case anyone else was looking for information.

My vet described this as a textured suture which beds into the wound all along its length, so there's a limit to the damage a chewy rat can inflict; she'd had good results using it on rats which had previously opened themselves up. It takes a bit longer to stitch up a wound using this - so more time under anaesthetic for the rat - and she uses it as one of a few layers of stitches.

I thought it was worth the extra cost as Zill is young and active and potentially a bit of a chewer, and it's cheaper than having a rat restitched. She came out of the operation exceptionally well and determined to run and climb almost straight away - and yes she did have a little chew at her stitches. No harm done at all, no holes and no wound stretching, and she's healed up very neatly. I was slightly worried about inflammation with this kind of suture, so kept a very close eye on the wound, but there was no heat or soreness in it and nothing bothering Zill.

I'd certainly consider it again if I thought there was a significant risk that the rat might chew their stitches.

I'm guessing Stratafix may not be widely available at the moment - my vet mentioned that she'd done a specific course in order to be able to use it.