Totally at a loss about what's wrong

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Totally at a loss about what's wrong

Post by lcmcd » Mon Dec 12, 2016 10:29 pm

My 23 month old rat Harvey became unwell very suddenly last Sunday and I'm totally at a loss with what's wrong. He had been absolutely fine 100% through the afternoon and had been out running around as normal and sitting on my knee with no probs, but an hour later found him lying face down in his cage looking unresponsive. Picked him up and he had bedding in his mouth where he'd been pressed down into it, and as I moved it out for him he bit down on my finger exactly as a couple of our other boys who had seizures used to do when out of it. From that moment as far as I know no repeat of the absence-like symptoms but has been horribly respy. Saw vet and she was quite focused on the breathing, gave steroid injection and baytril, said respy sound worst higher up than chest and wanted to treat as that, thinking it was as a result of inhaling something in cage obstructing breathing, although I was worried about what else caused him to lie like that in first place - but for PT etc before steroid has been a big help so was hoping it was something like that that would have helped. For a week was on baytril with no real improvement, although I was also sitting in shower room with him and steam seemed to ease slightly temporarily. Lost some weight over last week although was making sure he was eating enough. Kept watching for signs of something neurological but not too many although did drop food a few times. All last week seemed like himself in temperament, cuddling with his brother, normal with me, running around when out, but I was really unhappy watching his breathing as whole body moving with depth of it and breathing fast non-stop. Went back to vet Sat, who was at a loss too. Said could do chest x ray in couple days to see if something stuck, gave another steroid injection and changed to septrin to see if that was any better, but although he had a good day on Sunday, today looks worse than ever and really seems to be feeling it now. Last night and today I can hardly get him to eat anything no matter how much he normally likes it and breathing really laboured. Also acting strangely tonight,sitting for ages than bursts of running back and forth. I don't want to let him go on suffering but just seems so out of the blue and if there's anything I can do I want to. Can anyone think of anything? Thanks so much for any advice.
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Re: Totally at a loss about what's wrong

Post by RedFraggle » Tue Dec 13, 2016 6:52 am

I would change antibiotic again. Try azithromycin or doxycycline and baytril together. It could also be heart at that age, and the collapse could be heart related and the breathing issue due to fluid. I would try furosemide and benazepril too and see if that improves him
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