Please help! Need advice - unwell Rat

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Please help! Need advice - unwell Rat

Post by Ralphylinkpepe » Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:36 pm

Hey guys, I'm really struggling and would love some advice on what to do..

Link's a year and a half and looked like he was suffering from a URI... I took him to the vet who prescribed Baytril on Wednesday, however he's gotten worse and will hardly eat or drink. He'll lick a little baby food/cream from my finger but won't eat properly. I was alarmed and took him back in yesterday where they took an X-ray but couldn't see anything really wrong, and his lungs were starting to sound harsh where they didn't hear anything on Wednesday. She's sent the X-rays off to a specialist but it looks like I won't get a response untill Tuesday.She mentioned euthanisia but I didn't want to do it if there was a chance that there was an answer and it was treatable. In the mean time I've been offering baby food and a tiny bit of cream but even this is a struggle and getting him to take his meds is another issue entirely. He's really breathing heavy, is puffed up and has discharge from his eyes. He is still grooming and although lethargic is still moving around. He's bruxxing every so often, though I'm sure it's because he's in pain.

I'm torn as he looks like he is in discomfort which is breaking my heart, and as it's a bank holiday here - I can't nip to the normal vet as it's shut. I can go to the Emergency vet.

Has anyone had anything similar and how did you deal with it. I just want to help him :(

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Re: Please help! Need advice - unwell Rat

Post by cyber ratty » Sun Jan 01, 2017 4:09 pm

Rats can make remarkable recoveries, and it's good that you've already got him on antibiotics, although I would expect you to see some improvement after treating for several days. Unfortunately, a lot of vets underdose baytril... how much are you giving him and how? How much does he weigh?

If the baytril is not enough on its own, you could also give doxycycline as that's often an effective combination. To relieve his symptoms and make him feel more comfortable eating, a few granules of bisolvon could help.

Try and get hold of some high calorie supplement (sold in a squeezy tube) so that he doesn't need to eat very much. Makes to look for are vetcal-pro gel, nutrical, or nurishum. Alternatively beaphar malt paste would do and is probably easier to get hold of.

Rats do pick the most difficult times to get ill! I hope he pulls through.

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Re: Please help! Need advice - unwell Rat

Post by petty254- » Thu Feb 09, 2017 7:34 pm

I am really sorry for what you are going through, i really hope he makes it through. You are right euthanasia should be the last resort.

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