rat throwing up and chewing slowly.

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rat throwing up and chewing slowly.

Post by missygirl[ » Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:56 pm

Hey guys so recently ive been out of town and one of my rats (named Luna) unfortunelty passed away while i was gone. The week before i left for vaca she was acting kinda funny, i didn't think to much of it but i am regretting that desicion. She was chewing her food super slowly, which might not seem weird but for her she always gobbles everything up as soon as i give i to her. She was also acting calmer, she wasn't lathargec but she would sit really still on my hand! After i went on vaca she saldy passed away. My other rat Missy ate some of Luna's body when she passed (this is normal for rats to do when their cagemate dies) and im concerned that if Luna had a sickness, she could've passed it onto Missy. Today when i got back from vacation Missy was chewing very slowly and seemed to have a hard time swallowing. She also seemed like she was trying to vomit cause she was moving her mouth weirdly and moving her body up and down. She was still running all over the place though. Does anybody know what might be wrong with her? She and Luna are about eight months old! me and her have a special connection and i would hate to have her pass away as well. I am making a vet appointment for her tomorrow since the vet is closed today. Thanks!

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Re: rat throwing up and chewing slowly.

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Jul 03, 2017 10:47 am

If Luna had a contagious illness then Missy would have contracted it from her before her death, so eating her body will not have passed it on.

It's possible that Missy is ill in the same way, whether it's an infection or something genetic, but it may also be that she is suffering from depression through being alone.

I hope the vet visit goes okay, and assuming she is well I suggest you look for a couple of girl kittens asap as her new companions. :luck:

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