Mite treatment on young rat

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Mite treatment on young rat

Post by Toadsworth » Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:31 pm

Hello. I have a 6month old rat Puddle, and I discovered he had mites the day that I brought home his new 6 week old friend, Sponge. Very annoying timing because now I've had to separate them straight away (they had about 10mins contact).

He is being treated with a course of Xeno. It is a 6 week course. The vet seemed a bit unsure whether Sponge could also take the course. In her book it said "when sexually mature". Which I guess they just about are, but I still feel they're a little small and young to take the meds.

Does anyone have experience with this? Im thinking I will just risk not giving Sponge the treatment for now and reintroduce the two in in a few days. If the mites come back later on down the line at least Sponge will be a more reasonable age to just get the treatment.

Sponge has literally just come from a rat family to now being alone, so I'm very keen to keep the isolation period as short as possible.

Im a pretty new rat owner so I'd appreciate any experience anyone has.


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Re: Mite treatment on young rat

Post by [cub] » Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:52 pm

1: How do you know Puddle has mites? Who diagnosed him, and what are the symptoms? There's an article on rat parasites here which you can check the symptoms against:

2: Who advised you to separate Puddles and Sponge? If Puddles really does have fur mites, there is absolutely no point separating them because all rats have fur mites to begin with. They only become symptomatic if the mite population gets out of control, which can happen from time to time. So Puddle cannot "infect" Sponge with fur mites because Sponge will have them already, just that Sponge is managing to keep his population under control whereas Puddle needs a bit of pharmaceutical help right now.

2a: If it is fur mites, a 6 week course seems strange. Normally to treat mites it's a one-off topical application of ivermectin. Once it's dried, job done. It apparently hangs about in the rat's system for 28 days and that should be enough to bring the mite population back to manageable levels.

3: Are Puddle and Sponge the only rats you have? Young rats need similar (+/- 3 weeks) age company for healthy social development. Like how human children need similar age playmates. Otherwise it's a bit like asking a kindergartener to socialise only with fully grown adults; the kindergartener won't learn age-appropriate social skills, and the adults will get annoyed by a small child constantly pestering them to play with them in a juvenile manner.

Where did you get Sponge from? If it was a breeder who was happy to sell you a lone 6-week-old, I'd seriously consider looking for somewhere more knowledgeable to source a friend for Sponge. Also, not a terrible idea to double-check that Sponge is male before reintroducing to Puddle... And if it was the vet diagnosing them with fur mites and then advising separating them, I'd look for a different vet...

Oh and when you do reintroduce them, use the carrier method:
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