Hip Dysplasia

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Hip Dysplasia

Post by newbie1522 » Mon Oct 16, 2017 7:38 pm

I have not been active on the forum for a while but my last couple of vets visits have left me a little stumped.
One of my foster girls (approx 16 months) developed a limp (no swelling, happy to be examined and handled with no squeaks), after a week of loxicom and no improvement the vet recommended an x-ray. To be honest I expected arthritis. She does have mild arthritis but the surprise was she also has hip dysplasia! (As far as I am aware, this is where the ball and socket joint of the hip is more of a stick and socket joint which means the leg is not held in place as well and more likely to dislocate). Poor little thing has one complete dislocation and one partial dislocation. As hip replacements are not possible in rats she will need to be on pain relief long term. The vet has advised removing ropes from her cage and keeping her fit and active (enouraging activity and healthy diet). He also mentioned that they do not often see rats diagnosed with hip dysplsia - and I am not able to find much information about it. I guess that as there is no specific treatment for hip dysplasia there is no need to differentiate it from other conditions / illnesses with similar symptoms and the same treatment.
Is this something anyone is familiar with? I would like to make sure I am doing everything I can for her so any advice / experiences would be welcome.
Thank you for reading.

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Re: Hip Dysplasia

Post by Caza66 » Tue Oct 17, 2017 7:39 am

Poor thing. :o I've never heard of this. I hope somebody else will be able to help.
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