How serious is porphyrin?

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How serious is porphyrin?

Post by Hannahjk » Wed Dec 06, 2017 10:32 pm

I have two double rex dumbo rats who are around 7 weeks old. I noticed about a week ago that one of them had a little porphyrin around her eyes and nose but she cleaned it off herself and then I didn't see anything again for about a week. I asked the breeder who owns their parents about it she said it's common just keep an eye on her but she's probably fine. Then the day before yesterday I noticed they both had a bit of it on their eyes and noses. I also noticed one of them sneezed a couple times. They both sneeze every now and again but it made me a little paranoid. So I tried to retrace my steps to think what might be causing this. They're in a very large well-ventilated cage that I clean very frequently. However, I realized I had recently changed their bedding to fleece which isn't super absorbent. Thinking that might be the problem I took it out and gave them some carefresh instead. I put some rat vitamins in their water and wiped down the cage and watched them for a bit.

Today I noticed only extremely small traces of porphyrin on their noses and the little one sneezed once but otherwise they seem fine. I listen to their lungs and I can't hear anything except their little hearts beating and they're both still super playful and eating and drinking a lot. I should mention that I also only seem to see the porphyrin when they just wake up. They clean it off themselves frequently before I can get a good look at it.

I'm also living in Socal so while inside my house is fine it is a little smoky outside because of the fires. My question is, does this sound like they're clearing it up on their own or a sign of something worse? Since it is icky outside and being in the car is a stressor I only want to take them to the vet if it's completely necessary because taking them outside even if it's only the two seconds it takes to put them in the car just seems like a bad idea. If they're just a little sick and might get better by themselves I don't want to expose them to the pollution outside and potentially weaken them for no reason. Has anyone else had a rat get a little "cold" like this and then get better on their own? Are there any things I can do to help them clear it up on their own?

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Re: How serious is porphyrin?

Post by Caza66 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 6:08 am

A lot have rats have porphyrin, it’s just that they clean themselves before you see it. It is only when it is in excess because of illness or they are that poorly they cannot clean themselves. It could be sneezing due to a new environment and they will soon adjust. The only time I would suggest a vet visit is if porphyrin is in excess and they have loud hooty breathing.
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