Eye Problems?

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Eye Problems?

Post by fendrick » Sun Jan 21, 2018 7:14 pm

Hi all,

just wondering if anyone has any experience dealing with genetic eye defects?

My rat Momo, has one eye noticeably smaller than the other (the small eye does not protrude at all) and her bad eye often seems to be closed. Now, Momo was a rescue rat and at when I believe she was 6 months old her bad eye became bad; it seemed to have been scratched, and then became sunken in.

When I went to introduce Momo and her then buddy Casper (who has since sadly passed) to my two newest additions, who are also rescues, the lady who ran the rescue off-handedly mentioned Momo's eye as being a common genetic deformity. She advised not to breed her (I never would anyway; my males are neutered) as it would lead to offspring with both eyes deformed. Momo's lack of vision on that side does not seem to bother her.... her whiskers on that side are extra long to compensate.

Does anyone else have a rat who can see only with one eye? Momo's bad eye has never needed removal...

Anyone got any info on this condition?


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