Keith sneezy after multiple med courses

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Keith sneezy after multiple med courses

Post by ScissorCrow » Wed Jan 31, 2018 10:32 am

Keith has had four episodes of squeaky sneezes, the first was cured by a 10 or 14 day course of Baytril. The second was 3 months later and was treated with Baytril and Ronaxan straight away as another rat in the group was receiving that treatment. The course was 14 days.
He was ok for 14 days but it started up again in October. I had some Baytril to hand so medicated him on it for 2 weeks but he didn't get get better so we went to the vets for ronaxan. The ronaxan stopped the noises in 3 days and he finished the 14 day course.

9 days after he started again so I took him to the vets and got the meds, but waited a week to see if the noises progressed and they did get more frequent, so I started the 28 day course.

Then it came back 5 days after ending the ab's.
I went to the vet for advice and was told to separate him from his friends and put him on different bedding to see if that stops it. I said isolation would make him depressed and more stressed, but was told it was worth trying to see if it cured him.
He and his brother were on cat litter when I re-homed them, they have always been sneezy boys. Keith had been with me on Finacard for 7 months before the first episode, so it's unlikely that it's the bedding causing the problem?
The vet suggested the the other rats could be carriers of the illness and be passing it back to him as soon as he's off the meds - I know all rats carry myco but separating him will do no good, it's about his ability to keep the myco under control isn't it?

He's fed Science Selective Nuggets and Rat Rations 11a, supplemented with DR3. He and his brother are showing signs of aging and lost a little weight so they have extra meals like soft mash with omega 3 oil or cod liver oil, avocado, and complan.
They get fresh veg daily, though I have noticed he's not always as keen as the others to eat it, but he always has a little - things like peppers, peas, leafy greens, carrot, parsnip, squash, sweet potato

Should I even be treating him? He's just making noises, he's eating fine and is active, no porphyrin or spiky fur.
The first 2 episodes were proper squeaky sneezing fits, like 8 sneezes in a row, but now it's more of a constant grunty breathing noise with normal sneezes interspersed.
It's been a month since his last treatment and I don't think his condition has gotten any worse, but he's quite grunty and sneezy and I wouldn't like to live with a constant cough and cold. I tried making a recording so you could see just how the noises are but the quality wasn't any good.

What would you suggest next?
Is it worth trying a bedding change?
Different combo of abs? pulsing the ronaxan that works?
I don't know a lot about rules of ab use, just that it's important to finish a course, not stop when the symptoms stop.

Also, the vet prescribed 1/4 of a tablet twice a day and suggested I crush half a tablet, add 2ml of water, suck up 1ml and give to Keith and discard the other 1ml, but I tried putting it in the fridge until the next dose was required 12hrs later due to reading "If mixing capsules in water, stability ranges from 12 to 48 hours. It is advisable to mix fresh daily, although new 2002 literature indicates that it remains stable for 14 days if refrigerated." on Rat Guide.
Is that ok to do?

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Re: Keith sneezy after multiple med courses

Post by cyber ratty » Wed Jan 31, 2018 2:24 pm

Separating is definitely the wrong thing to do, and since the bedding wasn't new, it's not likely to be related to that.

Rats who are susceptible to myco symptoms (your understanding is correct), will always be susceptible so treatment won't 'cure' them for good, and there's bound to be re occurrences. I wouldn't treat him unless he appears to be unwell, and bear in mind that he may have some scarring which could be responsible for some exaggeration of noises.

No idea about the storage of doxy once it's mixed with water ... could you not just mix it with 1ml instead of 2? When I use it, I just mix the required amount of crushed tablet into food.

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