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 Post subject: Ear Infection or Pituitary Tumour?!
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 2:47 pm 

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Hi, looking for a bit of advice as a bit lost with my 21month old boy Ziggy! Thanks in advance!

I had 3 brothers up until last week when I lost Ziggy's brother on Thursday, he'd been diagnosed with a bone tumour 5 weeks previously and had been doing really well on metacam and a lower level cage where he didn't have to do too much climbing etc

So just my two gorgeous boys now and worried Zig may not be far behind :(

Saturday 3rd march evening I went to get the boys out for a cuddle and Ziggy was all over the place, rolling around very uncoordinated, circling and 'out of it', couldn't use his hands and not Zig. thought he'd possibly had a stroke or something nasty. I gave him some metacam, put him back in bed but thought he was going to die.
The next morning had improved which was a shock! We went to vets, I asked for an injection of steroids and he was given tabs to bring home.

By the evening he'd improved and had done all of last week.
Smelt infection in his left ear on weds evening so I got him into vets next morning (not my usual as on holiday all week!) but she wouldn't give me antibiotics as couldn't see anything (grr!)
Still acting really well though, climbing and eating etc.

Monday evening was a little off but still active. Yesterday evening he couldn't use his hands, tail tucked under himself and stopped answering to his name again. His left ear down a little and circling to the left.
So vets this morning (a different one!).

He's now got baytril and steroids in a liquid solution. I've been giving him special food as obv can't hold very well to eat.

I've never really dealt with this before with ratties and just hoping people with more experience may be able to help? The fact he improved incredibly with just an injection of steroids and then top up with tabs but then has gone downhill again a week later.

He actually walked straight off the end of the vet table earlier and thankfully I caught him, doesn't seem to know what's going on which is what he was like last week but a different rat in between!! Upsetting to watch :( (also a bit of slightly runny poo down my coat sleeve but has been having lots of cooked/watery foods so to be expected to tell me off for 3 vet trips in 10days!)

Just want to make sure I'm doing the best for him and he's happy.
Thanks again

 Post subject: Re: Ear Infection or Pituitary Tumour?!
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 9:21 pm 
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I don't have a whole lot of experience but if it is an ear infection, then improvement after Metacam/steroids followed by going downhill again doesn't surprise me, since neither will do anything about root cause of the infection, just the symptoms. (Also just a note that you're really not suppose to use Metacam or any other NSAID within 24h of steroids and vice versa.

If you can smell an infection then I'd guess it's that? PTs don't smell – ZGTs do though. Not being able to hold his food is a bit concerning though... See how he goes on the Baytril, but if he gets worse then he probably needs another antibiotic alongside or to switch entirely. IIRC co-amox is a common one to use for ear infections, and you can use it along with Baytril.

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 Post subject: Re: Ear Infection or Pituitary Tumour?!
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:18 am 
Fancy Rats Team
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I'd say it sounds like an ear infection.

With a PT, they tend to slow down and look doddery, rather than moving around a lot but failing to stay straight.

Mary x

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 Post subject: Re: Ear Infection or Pituitary Tumour?!
 Post Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:22 am 

Joined: Thu Sep 05, 2013 11:52 am
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Thanks for the replies.
Yes I'm thinking ear infection but the hands had confused me! I could only smell the whiff of infection on weds, haven't smelt anything since and no discharge etc. Will just hope the baytril does something and get him in to the vet I usually see if I'm still worried. She tends to prescribe Clavubactin over Baytril.

I annoying have epilepsy which is why I hadn't seen him Saturday daytime much as had a seizure, gave him the metacam pm, followed by another seizure in the night/morning Sunday and slept for hours (always happens at the worst times!) So he wasn't seen by a vet until Monday morning when I could sort of safely leave the house, don't really have anyone to help me out.
Sun evening I read as much as I could on the forum and saw not safe to give steroids and metacam within 24hrs of each other so I didn't give it Sunday as I was going to ask for steroids.
He's getting lots of soaked food (rat rations) and I've been cooking him nice stuff so hasn't had to use his hands to grasp anything. Still has an appetite thankfully.

Hopefully he'll get back to his usual self v soon.

Thanks again.

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