Sneezing lots.. vet no help.

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Sneezing lots.. vet no help.

Post by geraldegivens » Wed Apr 25, 2018 3:02 pm

I have two rats, one of which is sneezing frequently the other only rarely. His sneezing seems to be of two types. Type one are shallow, single sneezes that occur during certain periods at a rate (just to give you an indicator, I;ve not measured) of maybe every 15 seconds for maybe a few minutes. The other type is a more worrying sneezing/squeak "fit" - lots of sneezes with a squeaky undertone in quick succession, for maybe up to ten seconds. I've not seen this happening every day, but probably at least every few days I am seeing these "fits".

Is eating, drinking, active etc - only minor discharge around nose (minor in sense of you wouldn't see it unless you were looking for it). Rat telephone only indicates heart beat and a sort of whooshing sound of breathing. It's different to the other rat but it's not obviously concerning.

Took to vet who looked him over and said he seems healthy and his breathing sounds okay. But he's obviously not healthy and I can't help but feel the vet hasn't got a clue.

I have some amoxicillin available that I feel I should soon use. I am reluctant to use it but the online instructions seem fairly straightforward. I have minimal desire to go back to the vet as paying £30 to be told to monitor him is fairly pointless. I could however go back and try to get antibiotics w/o another consultation but is there a need, when I have the amoxi which I could use now?

I have only had these rats for a little while and to be honest so far it's been only upset and stress. Every time he sneezes I rush to the cage wishing he'd stop. I was hoping the vet would help but he found nothing wrong with him and just waffled on about irrelevancies.

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Re: Sneezing lots.. vet no help.

Post by cyber ratty » Thu Apr 26, 2018 8:38 am

Don't rush into medicating with antibiotics, over use is a very serious problem, and vet advice should always be sought unless you have years of experience with rats. Hopefully a vet wouldn't charge for a full consultation again for the same problem.

Does he have any other symptoms of illness? Do you find any porphyrin spattered around the cage when he sneezes? What does his coat look like, lying smooth and shiny, or a bit fluffed up and dull?

It could be stress related, or just that he's irritated by something in his environment. What substrate do you use? Do you use any fragranced products in the house such as air fresheners? What do you wash their fabric accessories in?

Have you had him for more than a month? Has he always sneezed, or has anything changed that could have triggered it? Do you have any other animals in the household?

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