Possible URI, Rat Sensitive to Medication?

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Possible URI, Rat Sensitive to Medication?

Post by bluejorts » Wed May 09, 2018 8:15 pm

Hi all!
I have two boys (Nico and Solace) who are four months old now. Solace contracted a URI last month which I treated with a ten day course of baytril as per my vet's instructions. Nico then started showing some symptoms, so I started him on the same medicine on a wee bit of a lower dose as he weighs a little less than Solace (Solace was on 0.1ml, and I gave nico about two thirds of that). However three days into the treatment Nico started having diarreah (after reseraching the most common cause I found for rat diarreah is apparently a sensitivity to meds?) So I took him off the medicine because I was worried. However now I can hear a very slight kind of whistle as he breathes, which Solace does not have. Is it safe to put Nico back on the medicine, or could it be that he has something other than a URI? I will of course go to a vet if need be!

(I have the rats on fleece bedding in a cage that I thoroughly clean every five days, in case anyone was worried about how they have contracted a URI I believe it's probably due to the conditions the breeder may have had them in, or simply the breeding)

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Re: Possible URI, Rat Sensitive to Medication?

Post by cyber ratty » Thu May 10, 2018 9:03 am

Diarreah can also be a symptom of internal parasites, and since they are still quite young, it's possible their respiratory symptoms could also be due to parasitical bronchitis, so if you haven't tried it already, give them an ivermectin treatment.

The baytril dose is very low, 0.1ml twice a day is suitable for a 200g rat, however it is best to go back to the vet. If you feel they don't seem to know much about rats (a very common problem!), then phone around for one with more experience.

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