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Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 1:58 pm
by sneezy-rat
Hi, my lovely boy turned 2 on Monday, never had any problems in the past (apart from being a bit of a porky pig!). Weds was a little quiet when out in evening (normally my cuddle buddy but stayed away). Yest morn his breathing was a bit heavy, I was out all day and when I got home at 8pm was really side sucking and not wanting food, which is very much out of his character!

Vets at 9am today and his chest was very crackly from what vet heard. Not my usual vet as she's now left (sob) and pretty much had to beg for something on top of the Baytril she was going to give us.
He did have a Baytril injection (grr) because I insisted he really needed something that'd immediately help but she then insisted on looking through my notes from previous boys, guess thought I was lying, until was ok with giving me anything else!! Didn't even mention metacam etc although he was in obvious distress. I had some at home though so didn't even try to question her as knew prob useless.

He's had 0.2ml 2.5% Baytril injection.
She's prescribed 0.3ml Baytril once daily, 2mls!
Clavaseptin tablets 62.5mg (synulox) 50/12.5mg, half a tablet twice daily. 6 tablets!

I know this is way under what he needs, didn't see what she'd prescribed until I left and gutted.

Already know I'll be back for another trip next week, with a different vet, so just checking I'm right in my doses to give him what I have. He's 635g.

Think he should have - 0.3mls Baytril twice daily.
Clavaseptin 3/4 tablet twice daily.
As well as metacam to keep him comfortable.

Does this sound right??
Thank you so much for any replies.

Re: Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 11:45 am
by sneezy-rat
Me again. Sorry I'm an incredibly large pain in the backside.

He's not shown much, if any, improvement from the meds. His breathing is really heavy and has gone off food even more. Despises me as I've been having to syringe all his meds, refusing pretty much everything.
The vets gave me more Baytril and claveseptin when I called tues so he's still having them as well as metacam. It's just not working :(

His first illness so would have expected a little improvement with two antibiotics.
Should I carry on for a while longer or try different meds? Have only dealt with respy probs a couple of times and am really not experienced other than what I read here and with my two past lads.

I'm scared he's not eating enough (normally a pig) and all his energy is going on breathing.

Thanks for reading.
Any help really appreciated :)

Re: Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 1:52 pm
by ElizabethW
I'm no expert, but the baytril dose you mentioned in your first post sounds low for a 600g rat, I don't know what others think. Is he still having the same dosages now as in your first post or are they different? Just wanted to clarify because it might help someone more experienced than me offer you better advice.

I'm sorry to hear your boy is ill, it's horrible when they're poorly.

Re: Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:52 pm
by sneezy-rat
I've been giving him 0.2 of Baytril twice a day, slightly more than vet suggested. And 3/4 of a tablet of clavaseptin.
Yest and this morning gave 0.3 Baytril.
Been a bit scared to give too much as not really dealt with it before.

We've got vets at 6, had to get him in as looking so unwell and felt so bad for him.
Any idea what dose is best for 600g boy?? I'm rather confused at moment!!

Thanks, I blooming hate it when they're ill, especially with useless vets!

Re: Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:01 pm
by sneezy-rat
Back from vets. Thankfully one of the nice ones.

Yes he was waaay underdosed Baytril, we've just been prescribed 0.5ml twice a day!! Useless blinking vet, won't be seeing her again! Feel so bad for him that hasn't had what he's needed, my poor boy.
Also came home with Ronaxan 20mg tabs (1/4 twice a day) and told to carry on with metacam.

Hopefully will kick whatever's going on up the butt and he'll feel better very soon.

Re: Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 12:32 pm
by sneezy-rat
Ollie passed away in my arms this morning.

I can't believe he went downhill so quickly, completely off his food yest and found him at bottom of the cage quite cold this morn at 8am, he came and lay with me on bed and was gone by 8.20. Appeared to have a seizure then stopped breathing.

He was amazing. Had him nearly 2 years, he cheered me up every day and was like my 'therapy rat' with his snuggles and love on my seizure days (epileptic me). Hope he had a good life and knew I loved him hugely. Gutted.

RIP Ollie-Woo

Re: Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 5:36 pm
by Caza66
Oh no, so sorry for your loss. Poor Ollie. I don’t think that the under dosing of meds would have been a contributing factor, there may have been something else going on, like heart problems which are difficult to diagnose.

Re: Meds For OAP Chest Problems

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2018 7:40 pm
by sneezy-rat
Thanks so much Caza66.

Really thinking there must have been something else going on, haven't got it out of my mind all day. He started acting quiet last weds (13.06), breathing was bad thurs 14th and then today passed. Really not like the couple of lads I've had in past with URIs. He was gasping this morning (mouth open) which I've never seen before. Metacam didn't seem to do much.

I syringed baby food last night as so worried he'd barely eaten for a couple of days and you could see he was liking it as coming up for more, then changed his mind when remembered it was such hard work for him to swallow and breathe at same time.

My beautiful big brown boy, the best cuddle giver and face groomer ever xx