Slim pin boy!!!

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Slim pin boy!!!

Post by Clickbeetle85 » Tue Jan 22, 2019 11:14 am

Hi all,

I’ve had my 4 boys since November and they are now about 16-17 weeks old.
They were all from the same litter, but one of them (Doug) is markedly smaller than the others. He’s incredibly active, always wanting to explore and dash about like a mad thing!! He’s really not very food motivated though - he would much rather be playing than eating (although a bowl of porridge or a fruity yoghurt is enough of a prize to stop him in his tracks).
He appears to be in perfect health - lovely glossy coat, no snuffling or discharge, isn’t bullied and rarely gets into fights with the others. He does eat happily when in his cage and can hold his own around the food supplies.

He just doesn’t seem to be growing at the same rate as his brothers! They look like proper chunky boys, whereas he is quite small and slim. Not boney, but he could certainly stand to fill out a bit.

Could it just be that he is burning off calories because he’s so active? He is always the first one to come out at playtime!
Or perhaps he’s just ‘small’.

Their diet consists of Pets at Home rat nuggets (they adore these!), a scatter mix of several blends from Rat Rations, lots of fresh dishes including veggies, lean chicken, egg, porridge, sponge and custard (ahem!), pasta, shelled nuts and seeds as occasional treats. They eat better than we do!

Anybody have any experience of this?

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Re: Slim pin boy!!!

Post by [cub] » Mon Jan 28, 2019 3:00 pm

Rats vary in how active, food motivated, and well-padded they are, just like humans. So long as he's not e.g. being bullied away from the food when he wants to eat, getting a balanced diet, and not too skinny, it's fine.

I do recommend taking them off the PAH nuggets though, as they are anecdotally linked to an increase in tumours. A number of breeders noticed a sudden increase in tumours when they used PAH nuggets in their mixes. I recommend Science Selective Rat as an alternative, if you and your rats want some nuggets in their diet.
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Re: Slim pin boy!!!

Post by Clickbeetle85 » Sun Feb 03, 2019 7:04 am

Thanks Cub! Just realised that they are actually on Science Selective nugs - I confused myself, as I buy them from PAH! :roll:

Thanks for your reply. He really does seem fine apart from the fact that he seems to have stopped growing! I think he’s always going to be small.....

I scatter feed over two cage levels now, to ensure that everybody has access to food. He used to sleep in the food bowl when he was a baby baby, so I don’t think he’s ever been bullied away from the food.

He does appear to be lower down in the group, but perhaps that’s because of his size. I do make sure I slip him an extra squeeze of yoghurt, a few extra crumbs of cake - naughty.
I guess I’ll just have to keep an eye on my tiny boy!

Thanks again.

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