Baytril dosage query

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Baytril dosage query

Post by Hazcad » Tue May 07, 2019 5:48 pm

So I’ve had 3 rats (Oreo, bourbon, dodger) for a year with no problems, I recently decided to add to our clan an purchased a 14 week old from pets at home. We named him custard.

Half a week after getting him we noticed sneezing, this continued so we visited the vet Friday who has said it could be a possible respiratory infection and put him on Baytril 0.01ml at 2.5%. He weights 170g.
Is this the correct dosage? As I’m now starting to question the vet after reading posts on this forum.

Also Yesterday I noticed bourbon has developed a sneeze, this is where I admit I stupidly didn’t quarantine custard and they have been introduced a few times before we notice custard’s sneezing.
I don’t have enough Baytril to treat both rats as the vet only gave me a small amount, so if I’m to treat bourbon I need another vet visit (booked for tomorrow). My worry is that the other two are likely to catch it and I’d rather not have to keep paying for vet visits, what can anyone suggest? The receptionist said that the vet wouldn’t prescribe meds to the rats not showing symptoms even if I did take them all down despite the vet telling me it was highly contagious.

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Re: Baytril dosage query

Post by cyber ratty » Thu May 09, 2019 10:17 am

There are three possibilities with regard to Custard's sneezing...

1) it could be caused by stress, and apart from being in a new home, stress may also be due to him not having a similar aged companion - young rats need a similar aged playmate to develop alongside through play.

2) whilst all rats have a bacterial infection called myco in their system, not all will exhibit symptoms, but even if they do, it doesn't show up when young - Custard is at the upper end of the kitten age range, but some kittens will suffer from parasitic bronchitis which needs to be treated with ivermectin rather than antibiotics. It could be however, that Custard is beginning to show signs of myco, in which case the right dosage would be 0.1ml (is that what you meant? I've no idea how you'd measure out as little as 0.01) - BUT, he is very very light for a 14 week old (my 7 week old buck kittens will weigh over 200g), are you sure the age is right? If so, then the fact he is so underweight could mean his whole immune system may also be quite weak.

3) unfortunately, infectious virus are rife in the pet trade, in which case he will probably have transmitted it to your other rats. It's not possible to treat the virus itself, but antibiotics will help with any secondary infections that may take advantage. If the vet won't give precautionary antibiotics for all your rats, then just be ready to take each in as soon as they show symptoms.

Some rats with a good immune system will be able to shake off an infection, so as a general rule, if the rat stays well in themselves (beware of them hiding anything though), then allow a few days to give them a chance to deal with it.

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