Help!! One rat suddenly dead, second rat sick!!

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Help!! One rat suddenly dead, second rat sick!!

Post by MentatsNchill » Tue May 28, 2019 7:57 am

One of my three rats suddenly had a seizure this morning and died a couple hours later, and now her partner (bought at the same time from the same store) looks like this! Image
I've never seen this before and the third rat (about a year older than the others) seems perfectly fine.

What is this? Can I do anything for her or is she going to die too?
*Edit* I saw on another post crusting like this could be stress? Is there a chance she's just missing her friend?

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Re: Help!! One rat suddenly dead, second rat sick!!

Post by [cub] » Thu May 30, 2019 11:29 am

The red liquid is porphyrin; it's the rat equivalent of snot and eye gunk and it's normal for them to produce some. If they're producing a lot it can be a sign of illness or stress. I'd put it down initially to having just lost a cagemate (and probable sibling), but if she starts showing any other symptoms I'd consider a vet visit.

If/when you feel ready to add more rats to your remaining pair, do consider a reputable breeder or knowledgeable rescue instead of a pet shop, as the vast majority of pet shop rats are poorly bred: viewtopic.php?f=111&t=76
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