What do I do - advice/help on my boy please!

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What do I do - advice/help on my boy please!

Post by ali93sha » Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:40 pm

Hello I am desperately seeking help and advice on my boy (Batman) who is struggling, I feel like the vets are not really trying to find the problem or resolution.

He is around 18 months. I adopted him and his brother as they both had respiratory issues and I already had a boy with similar problem.

The past month I noticed Batman was very down, and rapidly losing weight. I checked him thoroughly every day and took to the vets - nothing resolved. Then as if out of nowhere he was riddled with lice. Took to the vets and had treated along with his brothers. Diagnosed with anaemia he is put on antibiotics.

We are two weeks on and completely clear of lice - from what I can see! Still on antibiotics but still down and very weak and now is behaving strangely:
- falls off edges of surfaces
- doesn’t use front paws to eat
- very wobbly
- interested in food but I do not see it being swallowed (just munched up)
- heightened spine (looks slightly twisted)
- stares into corner of cage all the time

I went back to the vets who said maybe it’s an internal abscess causing spine issue but antibiotics should resolve. So still continuing antibiotics and now have pain killers.

He is so weak but the way he tries to eat and snuggles into me when I have him out (most nights) it makes me think he wants to carry on.

Am I being selfish keeping him here? I don’t know what is actually wrong or how to make him better or even if he will/can get better. The vets seem to be none the wiser and I have tried 2 practices and various vets within.

Any advice/help appreciated!

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Re: What do I do - advice/help on my boy please!

Post by [cub] » Fri Aug 30, 2019 5:26 pm

Unfortunately the lack of forelimb coordination rather suggests a brain tumour, a pituitary tumour being the most common type. General lack of coordination, inability to eat, and staring all corroborate that. If you want to attempt to treat, you can try putting him on steroids; if the painkiller he's on is meloxicam (or any other NSAID) then this will need to be discontinued 24h before starting steroids. Any treatment for a brain tumour in rats is palliative only, however, with survival time generally measured in weeks at best if caught early. Given how poorly he is, euthanasia would be a very reasonable alternative.

Not sure what's causing the twisted spine, but weight loss results in a prominent spine, as would be expected if he's having difficulty swallowing. Honestly, I would euthanise him sooner rather than later given that he can't eat. I'm very sorry.
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Re: What do I do - advice/help on my boy please!

Post by HereticPr1me » Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:46 pm

I would echo what Cub has already said, it does sound like brain tumour symptoms.
You could try steroids as mentioned, but the nature of brain tumours is they are not cureable and so it is a case of managing the symptoms for a period of comfort before deciding to put to sleep.
Personally, given that he sounds like hes late stages, and it doesnt sound like the antibiotics/pain killers are helping, I too would opt to pts sooner rather than later. Perhaps treat him to some nice baby porridge or banana youghurt in the meantime.
Twisted spine, if hes rwisted rather than just kinked, could also be internal tumour pressing on the local nerves. Again theres wouldnt be much beyond palliative care if that was the case.
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