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Accidentally pulled my rat's tail

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 7:09 am
by Dilori
I'm training one of my rats and he's got more confident having a little run around just outside the cage (supervised of course). But suddenly a loud firework banged outside and it frightened my poor rat, and instead of running back into the cage he went to run underneath the cabinet. I panicked because there are a couple of wires behind there, so I quickly went to grab him before he disappeared under there but he leapt out of my hands so quickly. His tail was still in my hands, and I tried grabbing his body again but he was eager to run under there and I ended up pulling his tail without intending to.
He ran under there but luckily came back out a few seconds later (hopefully he didn't chew any wires), and I gently picked him up and put him safely back into his cage. I worried in case I might have caused him injury. He ran around in his cage and I gave him a grape which he took and chewed a bit, and his tail seems OK. His brother groomed him all over and he relaxed.

I do feel bad for pulling his tail but like I said it doesn't look damaged. Will he be OK? How would I know if it hurts him?

Re: Accidentally pulled my rat's tail

Posted: Fri Nov 01, 2019 9:33 am
by [cub]
You might want to check that he's moving around normally, with good coordination and sensation in all four limbs, and also check that he hasn't got a tail injury just by gently squeezing along his tail and seeing if he reacts strongly at any point. But I wouldn't worry; grabbing them by the tail by accident happens from time to time and while. I do actually use the base of the tail to restrain them sometimes if they're trying to go somewhere they shouldn't and it's the only part of the rat I can get at. :P