Hermaphrodite Neutering / spay sexing doubts

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Hermaphrodite Neutering / spay sexing doubts

Post by LindaH » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:47 pm

Hey everyone!
I have just joined so sorry if I do posts wrong..!
Im gona apologise upfront - this turned into a bit of an essay! - so thank u for reading if u stick with it! Hahaa

Looking for opinions and advice on neutering at young age and housing male/female ratio please :)

So its my first time owning rats!
I did a LOT of internet research before buying... but ive unwittingly got my impulsive self into a tricky situation! :S lol.
So I realise now it probably wasnt the greatest idea buying rats from somebody whose first time it was breeding...but they were coincidentally born at the time i was looking and i was lonely and impatient and took their timing as a sign 🙄 hahaaa.
I met the litter at 3wks olds and reserved 2boys as they all seemed happy and healthy.
Ive had the 2brothers Baloo & Simba about 3 wks now, and they are the absolute sweetest temperament and amazingly playful bonded pair!! - i never realised rats have so much personality! Hehee
At the time of collecting I said id take another boy if there was 1 available as I believe its the more the.merrier, but told me they were all taken.
A week later the breeder messaged me and said she had 1 boy with a blaze left that hadnt been collected, with me originally wanting one with that marking I picked it up and luckily kept separate from the other 2, with the intent of doing a proper staged re-introduction.
Now in the wk i'd had the 2 boys they *ahem* grew massive man parts lol. This new ones werent as visible, but i was sure i could feel baubles and the fur around the base looked tufty like they were there, no noticable nipples or vaginal opening. Plus it was twice as heavy as the 2 i already had so got told it was a greedy one and assumed it must be a late bloomer or if scared retracting testicles.
Any way few days later i find its escaped its temporary housing and climbing on top of my first 2's cage trying to get in. This seemed like mating behaviour to me and low and behold upon re-checking i saw an opening that i couldnt see b4! (Directly underneath the uretha.)
So I think my new one (possible new unisex name Bailey!) May have both sex parts???

Ive booked in with a vet this week to get a more expert opinion/sexing. Id try to take pictures for u guys but ive not mastered controlling both a hyper rat and a camera at the same time yet! Hahaa

My question is, as all 3 rats are siblings and now just over 7weeks old so Im expecting them to get along ok...
If Bailey turns out to be female/both, I believe neutering females is a harder op than on males, but more beneficial. And if Baileys displaying both parts this may complicate operating on her more?... the boys have such a lovely temperament i really didnt want to get them snipped but would that be more advisable?

Also if im looking to home them together should this sway me towards getting which sex spayed over the other?
Or is a 2/1 ratio going to be too stressful on the (assuming) female?
The age also concerns me as are they too young to have anything done?
I need something done as soon as possible as its not fair on poor Bailey being housed on her own, but until i know theres no risk of mating (s)he's staying temporarily put housed seperately..! :(

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Re: Hermaphrodite Neutering / spay sexing doubts

Post by cyber ratty » Tue Feb 11, 2020 3:27 pm

A photo of Bailey would be incredibly helpful - describing her as twice as heavy makes me suspect she could be pregnant. If she is pregnant, then company for her becomes moot.

Could you take a picture when she climbs up the front of the cage? That will help us give a second opinion on her being a hermaphrodite, or whether she is pregnant.

If she isn't, then whoever you decide to neuter, it will be best to wait for around another 4 months, so she will need a female companion asap anyway. I would then opt to neuter both boys rather than both girls.

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