Taming New Rats

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Taming New Rats

Post by Griffiths80 » Fri May 04, 2018 12:40 pm

Hello everyone

I currently have 2 female rats that I am fostering, with the possibility of having them permanently. They have been with me a couple of days and seem to be settling in well. At the moment they are in my kitchen diner, which I am hoping will get them used to us but isn't ra tproof yet (gaps under cupboards etc)

They are about 5months old, one is a siamese looking rat (red eyes) and the other is black and white.

They are in what i believe is a savic freddy 2 cage - it has the platform and a little ramp and I've put some boxes, climbing ropes, tunnels etc as the cage was bare.

Hazel the black and white one is extremely curious and will be straight out the cage as soon as the door opens - she sits in the entrance and will come out onto your lap. She enjoys being stroked but does not like being picked and is very nibbly. She is always on the look out for food.

The other girl is very shy, she will come to the cage door eventually and sniff you but seems nervous if you touch her. The woman I got her from couldn't pick her up to put her in the travel box

So my question is - whats the best way of taming them and getting them more confident?? I have had rats before but I have had bucks from babies, so they've been tame pretty much straight away!

I'd love to get them to trust me and enjoy being out of the cage (especially the siamese one) but i don't want to do anything to scare them.

Tips and advice much appreciated


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Re: Taming New Rats

Post by Caza66 » Sun May 06, 2018 5:30 am

Hi and welcome to the forum and the world of Ratties. Having them in a well trafficked area is good so they can get used to you and new senses.

I know you have just put them in but take out the boxes, tubes and hidey holes. Just leave in ropes and flat hammocks, if you haven’t got hammocks yet, a non-woven tea towel is good (no loops to catch toes) and hang them in with plastic shower hooks.

Also get them out for 20 minutes a day, sit in an old hoody or dressing gown (something you don’t mind getting wee’d or poo’d on) pop them in there and sit on the sofa. You will find them don’t explore much the few few times but they will.

Offer them yoghurt on a spoon, something they will have to stay and enjoy rather than run off with.

Good luck and have fun.
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Re: Taming New Rats

Post by cyber ratty » Mon May 07, 2018 11:06 am

It's possible the siamese may have particularly poor eyesight, so be sure to warn her before you pick her up.

Don't be scared of scaring rats - they will respond best to someone being confident with them, and that will help build their own confidence. :luck:

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