One year old blind boy issue

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One year old blind boy issue

Post by Metrofez » Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:50 pm

Hi everyone, we’ve recently rescued an one year old boy from a local charity. We were told he was separated from his cage mates and neutered after being ‘aggressive’. He appears to be blind and even doesn’t respond well to sounds. The main problem is he doesn’t appear to have ever been handled. We’ve had rats for over 14 years and this is our most complex case.

I’m trying to earn his tiny trust with the usual bribery, neutral territory bonding and also adding our ‘scent’ to his cage.

I was hoping that someone may have had a similar situation with maybe have some tips?

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Re: One year old blind boy issue

Post by EdwardKelly1983 » Mon Feb 22, 2021 11:59 am

I had to take care of little Sparky - the baby was an albino, so by definition, because of the red eyes, She had poorer eyesight. after a serious illness, she lost it completely. My observations were confirmed as very likely by the vet.

I will comfort you, that rats are animals for which the sight is not the most important of all deceptions and they cope very well with smell and hearing, so do not worry too much. Sparky, as long as she had the strength, acted almost like a fully functioning rat. Yeah, sometimes she had a little more trouble than the rest of the pack getting through things, but she got through it. And you know - as long as she had the strength, before the final stage of the disease drove her to the brink of exhaustion and before she was rejected by the pack, the other girls, four at the time, took wonderful care of her. They never pushed her away from her bowl, even though she was always the smallest and weakest, they never took away her food - in fact, sometimes they gave her the best food themselves. They slept with her in the nest and kept her warm. Lack of sight didn't prevent the little one from being a happy puppy.

I think it's a really good idea to get Runa a friend of a similar age. You'll see, that the girls will become friends and the big rat will help her.
And it will give you a chance to see the beauty of the pack. Because rats are most wonderful when there are more of them together...

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