Random squeaking

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Random squeaking

Post by Rosie » Sat Apr 09, 2016 6:25 pm

Hi, I'm new and hoping for some advice from more experienced rat owners :)

I have two male rats, 8 months old. One of them over the last few days, has started to occasionally squeak/squeal for no apparent reason.

Being boys, at times they play fight, and when they do they'll squeak at each other. Very rarely, if one of them gets a bit too rough, the other one will let out some very loud squeaks or even a squeal, as if to say "hey! Not cool!" and then they calm down and have a cuddle. All normal.

However, over the last two or three days one of them occasionally lets out a squeak/squeal when his brother is nowhere near him, for no apparent reason. It definitely sounds like a "I don't like this!" noise, but I can't work out what is bothering him!

I've inspected him for anything unusual and he looks in perfect health. I've tried gently prodding/feeling over him to see if I can find anywhere that's uncomfortable for him but there's nothing. His breathing sounds as normal. Apart from the occasional random squeaks, his behaviour is normal - grooming, feeding/drinking, cuddling and playing with his brother.

His brother's reaction to the random squeaks seems not remotely bothered... although on a couple of occasions he has squealed and then his brother has come over and gently groomed him which seems to calm him down.

I've had other pets before but these are my first rats, so I wondered if anyone had had similar experiences or ideas of what's going on (if anything is, I might be worrying over nothing?)

Thank you :)

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