Do My Boys Like Me?

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Do My Boys Like Me?

Post by NubsNLubs » Sun Apr 23, 2017 8:56 pm

I got my rats last week from a woman who said she'd hand raised them, and she said they were real cuddle monsters. However, it's been a week and so far they don't seem to want to be touched. I can hand feed them and they'll climb on me and sniff me, but they walk away whenever I try to touch them. I can pick them up without too much initial squirming, but soon enough they'll try and wiggle free. Do my rats like me, or just tolerate me? How much longer does it take to get a bonded rat? I know every rat is different, and I'm fine if they're more playful than cuddly, but I'd still like to get in a few scratches and strokes, you know? Thanks, Vick.

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Re: Do My Boys Like Me?

Post by Caza66 » Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:38 am

Hi vick, it sounds like your boys are better than most newbies. If they are ok being handled then they are fine. I don't think rats 'like' people, you are there to provide for them and be a climbing frame. As you say every rat is different. Paddy comes running over to me every time so he likes me but he is also being nosey. Dax likes cuddles but that is because I rescued him from big bad Kevin. My first old boy reggie liked me because he became a big lazy boy. Zen liked me because he loved his scritches. Of course they like you but reasons will be different, and if they are still young they would rather be running around. Cuddles will be on their terms.
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