New rats and a toddler?

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New rats and a toddler?

Post by Pipsqueak » Mon Mar 12, 2018 9:50 pm

I have kept rats in the past but our last one passed away a week before my son was born. He is now 2.5 and I would love to get rats again. I've fallen in love with a pair of 4 month old males and I can't stop thinking about them! Would you say my son is still too young to have rats in the house? He has handled animals before and they have pets at nursery that he adores and is gentle with.

I have forgotten the basics of what to do when you bring new rats home. Leave them be a few days? Have no where to hide? Keeping my little boy from wanting to constantly see them might be an issue to start with.

Also we are going on holiday in May. If we got these boys would it be too unfair to leave them so soon with a stranger?
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