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Post by Bob+Bernard18 » Tue May 01, 2018 9:08 pm

We sadly lost one of our rats on saturday. Since then, our rat Bob, has become really Really confident. He is running around exploring the place, being a real
Cheeky chops. He used to be a very quiet rat, would cuddle in, and now he is behaving how his buddy was. Bernard was the really confident one and it’s like Bob has learnt all His tricks in the last 3 days. Is this normal? It’s not a problem I’m Just curious, I would have suspected him to be quite sad? They got on really well, Bernard was the boss but never in a bad way.

Also, he has become a real menace for wanting to bite my 2 Labradors paws, they are lay sleeping and he won’t stop going over and pestering them. What is this all
About? Is this him trying to groom Someone?

Any info anyone has would be great.


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Re: Confidence

Post by cyber ratty » Wed May 02, 2018 8:37 am

Rats are complex animals, and it's hard sometimes to work out why they are doing what they are, but one thing is universal, and that is their need for company.

Because of their very individual personalities, rats do best in a group of at least 3, otherwise there can be occasional clashes between the personalities at times which they can't avoid. It may be that Bernard was over dominant towards Bob and he feels 'happy' to be free of that, but it's actually far more likely that he's now on high alert due to being the only rat, and is taking on the role of alpha, which not all rats are happy doing.

Please get a couple of new companions for Bob as a matter of urgency - kittens will be the easiest in terms of introductions. Contact your local rescues, and NFRS breeders in your region just in case they have any available. If you mention roughly where you are, then we can keep an eye out too.

As far as the dog goes - you absolutely should not let them interact. Please shut your dogs out of the room when your rats are free ranging. Bob is probably feeling the need to proactively protect himself, and there is a real risk that a dog might react instinctively to a painful bite and you could lose Bob too. :(

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