Needing help with my rescue rats!

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Needing help with my rescue rats!

Post by Roxanne89 » Tue Aug 21, 2018 9:41 pm

Hello! I need help as I have just adopted 2 female rats aged 1.5years. I have had rats in the past which were rescued but never had any bother. So one of my rats is biting aggressively. She’s not nipping or playing, or seeing if I am a snack as she might nibble and dives out and bites my finger really hard. My hands are clean so don’t smell like treats, my other rat is fine, does nip but she’s just seeing if she can snack on me. Advice needed please I am sick of Bleeding haha!

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Re: Needing help with my rescue rats!

Post by [cub] » Thu Aug 23, 2018 7:57 am

Is she biting you all the time, or only under certain conditions? (For example, I had a rat who was territorially aggressive: mostly fine out of the cage, but a real danger to hands that dared to venture inside the cage.) If you can work out what situations set her off, then you develop strategies to work around it. And don't forget, there's always gloves.

Spaying or the deslorelin implant may help, but it also may not. If your girl is hormonally aggressive though it should help loads. (My territorially aggressive girl did calm down a little with her spay but not entirely. I just gave her space in the cage, removed her from the cage when I needed to do any cleaning, and just accepted that I was going to have a different relationship to her than to her sister.)
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