Hi guys!! New fur buddies!

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Hi guys!! New fur buddies!

Post by xAnimalLover » Thu Sep 27, 2018 5:26 pm

Hi guys. I got two rats Ben and Charlie a few days ago. I've started the taming process, Ben happily takes treats and crawls on me by himself, however Charlie is a little more timid and will only snatch treats from me and hide. However Charlie and Ben have both crawled up my arm and love cuddles!! Ben is such a nibbler so I'm starting off with gloves. Basically earlier I let him nibble gently, saying no when he nibbles too hard. However he bit my other hand quite hard which drew blood but he seemed really excited so I don't think he was scared, he still wanted lots of cuddles. Maybe he was a little scared. I've done the tissue trick (I owned hamsters so I know the basic taming rules) I'm handling and hand feeding twice daily probably more whenever they're awake really. I kinda wanna handle them more like pick them up but i dont want to rush the taming process and land at square 1 again. But they're young, so I want to handle them as much as possible without rushing. How do I go about doing this would anyone suggest just carry on what I'm doing which seems to be working and I'm making progress everyday or do I just go for it and pick them up? Also, I have a small carry cage which I used for my hamsters to clean their cage, what should I use for my rats? I can't handle them fully yet but their cage needs cleaning. I have a rodent run but they'll climb the bars no sweat. Thank in advanced.

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Re: Hi guys!! New fur buddies!

Post by HereticPr1me » Fri Sep 28, 2018 7:40 am

Hi, and welcome to FR ! :D
Sounds like youve got a good handle on what youre doing, so just a couple of quick additions from me:
If you get bit make a high pitch "Eeeee" sound. This is how they communicate something they dont like to each other, youll see it works.
If its a top loading carrier, chances are they wont go in voluntarily at first, you can use something to transfer them - ie a cardboard tube, nestbox etc. Alternately lie it on its side in the cage and let them explore it, closing the lid/door once theyre in.
And for picking up, I prefer the two-handed scoop as its more confortable for them than the "eagle claw from above", once off the ground a hand can go over the back for security. Once theyre happy being picked up, you will be able to stick an open hand down and theyll just climb on :)

Anyway, hope thats of some help and congrats on all youve done so far, theyre pretty quick learners so theyll soon have you trained up :P
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Re: Hi guys!! New fur buddies!

Post by cyber ratty » Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:08 am

I've no idea what the tissue trick is, but rats are very different from hamsters - they will respond best to confident handling, don't let them avoid contact with you.

Firstly, ensure there is nothing enclosed within the cage, and if possible, arrange it so that you can reach the rats with two hands wherever they are.
Remove them from the cage either by scooping with two hands, or by enticing them into a bag, tube, or box.
Wear a loose outer layer of clothing, a hoody or dressing gown works well, and pop them inside. Keep them on you for at least 20 minutes, and slip your hand in with them so you can gently stroke and massage them. Do this in a different room from where their cage is, and sit on a chair, or walk around. Talk to them softly, and sing - rats love human voices!
If you do this at least once a day, they will quickly realise you won't hurt them, that you'll be their safe place, and are nice to be around. You can offer food but don't be surprised if they won't take it until they are more relaxed.
Once you've got that bond going, you can move on to giving them some free range, but start in a limited area like a sofa, table top, or bed.


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