Defiant nipping!

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Defiant nipping!

Post by Sharron+Alaska » Fri Mar 08, 2019 7:46 pm


I’m a newbie rat owner, I’ve had my two boys for about a month now. They’re called Sharron and Alaska (if you’re not a RuPaul’s dragrace fan; they’re named after two drag queens who used to date, Sharron Needles, and Alaska Thunderf**k).

I joined the forum to ask some advice, because I cannot find anybody else who seems to have this problem with their rats!

80% of time Sharon is a sweetie pie. He’s not super cuddly yet, but he’s always happy to see me, plays in my hair, thoroughly enjoys grooming my eyebrows for me, and sleeps in my hoods.
But he nips awfully! Never my skin, just my body when it’s covered by something. Like he doesn’t understand that my legs with jeans on are still my legs!
All the advice I’ve read says to make a high pitched noice and pull away, even if it doesn’t hurt, and they’ll get the picture.
That is not working!
He’s been doing this since the beginning and I’ve been trying to get him to stop for about 3 weeks.
Now he will bite me repeatedly even with me squeaking back at him. He’s not scared or aggressive when he’s doing this, it seems like he’s just he just stupid?? The only way he will stop is if I pick him up and move him on, but he’ll just come back and nip me somewhere else.
They aren’t hard aggressive bites..but still, when you take one to the back of your knee or inside of your arm, it would make you squeal.
Any help or ideas is greatly appreciated! How do you discipline your rats when they’re naughty?

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Re: Defiant nipping!

Post by jurassicprince » Wed Nov 06, 2019 12:23 pm

I'm not an expert on this since I just got my first rats a few days ago, but I read this somewhere when I was doing my research.

People say that instead of making a high pitched noise, since that might scare them, you should make a CHHH noise with your teeth because that's the sound another rat would make to tell them to stop being so rough.

Maybe you could try that?

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Re: Defiant nipping!

Post by [cub] » Wed Nov 06, 2019 1:14 pm

There are lots of reports of rats who, for some reason, seem to object to clothing. Socks and slippers seem to be particularly common targets, but clearly other clothing can also be fair game.

If it's not aggressive, he's probably just exploring and a bit confused. If it's not hard enough to actually hurt or cause injury, you could try yelping (particularly if you're going to yelp anyway :lol: ) and gently pushing them away, same as a rat would if another rat was being overbearing. If he persists then just put him back in the cage and close the door; I'm assuming he's doing this when he's out playing with you, and chewing on you repeatedly means playtime is over for him. If he enjoys playtime, that might be enough to convince him to explore in a more polite manner.
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