Rat aggression

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Rat aggression

Post by -Ewhite- » Tue Apr 16, 2019 10:02 pm


I'm new here but I've been having a problems with my two lovely ratties and I was hoping someone on here might be able to help me!

I have two rat boys (Tony and Peter) both over a year old now and have always lived together happily. Tony was always the more dominant of the two; he'd get the food first, he'd always win the play fights etc. But recently Peter has been standing up to him a bit. The last couple of weeks Tony has been a bit more timid and seemed slightly scared of Peter, I assumed this was just something going on between them and left them to it, but the other day Peter bit Tony, like really bit him. Tony is all healed up so please don't worry, we took him to the vet and they're currently in different cages (which Tony seems very happy about). I thought I'd leave them in separate cages for a while and reintroduce them back soon, but Peter has started getting aggressive to me now. Peter has never ever bitten before, he was the sweetest most cuddly rat and now if he's out of the cage playing he will literally make a beeline for me and bite. I've read about how bad rat bites can be so he's definitely not biting as hard as he could, but it's been deep enough to draw blood, and it's happened a couple of days in a row. I really don't understand why he's biting, or what to do about it! Please help! Thank you

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Re: Rat aggression

Post by [cub] » Fri May 10, 2019 6:33 pm

How old is Peter? It sounds an awful lot like classic hormonal aggression, which is generally very successfully treated with castration. If Peter is not a good candidate for surgery, the Suprelorin implant apparently also works well as a chemical means of castration (although it shouldn't be relied upon for contraception).

Both rats will need company either way, so either neutering or implanting Peter and trying a reintroduction with Tony once Peter's hormone levels have dropped (which can take 2-6 weeks) would be your first port of call. Use the carrier method when you reintroduce them: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=52
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