Different bonding techniques for different rats?

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Re: Different bonding techniques for different rats?

Post by Feolthanos » Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:05 pm

[cub] wrote:
Thu Jan 23, 2020 11:51 am

If they're using their teeth to explore you a lot and really don't seem to understand what they're interacting with, though, you might want to try and check if they're sensory impaired in some way.
He can definitely hear, as he seems to be integued by my aweful singing :lol: Hadn't considered that he just can't see me though. I always try and make sure my hand is visible to him and talk to them first as to not startle when I pick them up (doesn't always work with either). I'll try a couple of sight tests and try and work out if it's just exporatory nips, he's just a rat that likes his own space (which to be fair, I've thought this off him since day one) or he's being a little bleep.

Overall though I'm really happy where I am with them at the moment. I'm seeing behaviour where I feel confident that they are happy in themselves, they're starting to want to explore beyond the confines of the cage (it's making my morning routine interesting :roll: ), they'll climb all over me in the play pen (with less or no stress poops :sick: ), and they just have a spring in there step. I can also handle both and they'll just go back to whatever they were doing without freezing up and importantly, although we still have some hand taming to work on, they're not bothered about me handlering them for short periods either. On Monday they also climbed all over my bf, who they are still very wary off and have limited contact with atm, so that was great to see too.

I'm holding my breath at them not suddenly deciding they hate me :lol: Really starting to melt me heart bless them.

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