What age do they become more social?

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What age do they become more social?

Post by Scbenefield » Wed Jul 08, 2020 5:28 am

Hi!! I've had my two girls for about 3 months now. They are 5 months old and are handled daily. They love being in my hoodie and gladly go into it and into my shoulders all the time. However, they don't like being picked up or held. I've tried getting them used to it every time I let them out, but they still run away and freak out when I try to pick them up. Does this change with age??? Is there something else I can try??

Thank you!!

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Re: What age do they become more social?

Post by [cub] » Wed Jul 08, 2020 1:50 pm

Being happy to clamber around in your hoodie and sit on your shoulders sounds pretty social to me. A lot of rats don't particularly like being picked up or held, particularly if they're not from well established lines with solid temperaments. You can generally get them to tolerate it but if you think about it from their perspective, it's probably fairly annoying to to have some giant pair of hands sweep you up and restrain you when you're just trying to do your own thing.

Routinely picking them up and then immediately putting them down again can help them get used to the idea that being picked up is a thing that sometimes happens and isn't a big deal. It generally helps if you're as quick and no-nonsense about it as possible; if you're chasing them around hesitantly they'll just get even more wound up. But if they really don't like being picked up but will hop into your hoodie, you can just offer them your hoodie if you need to move them. :P
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