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New cage options

Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:04 pm
by luciusmaximus
I have 5 boys living in an Aurora cage. I dislike the cage as it is difficult to clean and it takes up rather a lot of room. My boys are also very smelly. To the point where they are offensive and despite twice daily cleaning I am embarrassed to have people visiting. The cage I think makes the smell worse as parts of it are wood and there is a lot of metal. And my lads are quite lazy in the personal hygiene department, ie, they will use litter trays but once comfortably ensconced in a bed or hammock are too lazy to get up and use the toilet. I need to buy a different cage, one that is suitable for 5 rats and will sit on top of a standard size kitchen worktop, has narrow bar spacing and a more plastic than metal/wire. Can anyone suggest a suitable cage please?

Re: New cage options

Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 11:54 am
by cyber ratty
First, a couple of observations from what you've said...

Cleaning twice a day is too much, and will be making your rats over-scentmark, and so it's not surprising they will be smelling. Don't clean any cage more than once a week, although toilet corners can be cleaned two or three times.
Any flat surface will attract them to wee on it, so remove all shelves.
If there are any wooden items in the cage, then it's best to coat them with a child safe paint so that they don't absorb anything.
Place a second toilet corner up high next to their favourite bed as an en-suite, and then they will be much more likely to suse it.

Follow those tips whatever cage you end up with, otherwise you'll carry on having problems with smell. ;)

Secondly, the Aurora is the right size cage for a group of 5 - you can get cages which are taller and narrower, but then you have less floorspace, and that's quite an important factor for boys. Other cages with a similar footprint but of different style are:
Savic Zeno 3 empire £99 from Zooplus
Savic Zeno 3 (single level) £125 from Amazon
Mamble 100 (a bit small on its own, but good for 5 if two are joined together) £53 from Little Pet Warehouse (*discount codes are available)
Coco 100 £60 from Little Pet Warehouse
*FANCYRATS will get you 10% off

Re: New cage options

Posted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:10 pm
by luciusmaximus
Thanks for the reply :D They already have 2 litter trays next to each hammock/bed and I had already removed the plastic platforms leaving just the one wooden shelf that holds a litter tray and a smaller plastic corner shelf holding another litter tray. We are trying the less cleaning approach, but as yet it hasn't made any difference to the smell or where they choose to leave wee/poo. I've had rats for 26 years - it has it really been so long :shock: - and these are the worst for lack of hygiene. Good job they are all such nice natured, friendly, licky boys :lol: