Big bar spacing solutions

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Big bar spacing solutions

Post by Onthewires » Fri Oct 20, 2017 1:09 pm

I'm having a nightmare with my new cage at the moment. After 2 weeks of being quite happily contained, the girls have decided that the bar spacing is in fact too large and that they can squeeze out of it through the top :roll:. They're in a mamble temporarily, but I don't want them in it long term because it's too short.

I've considered chicken-wiring it, but halfway through the job I realised that it wouldn't be convenient because of rust and cleaning difficulty, and can see them catching toes and tails in the gaps. I don't know whether to scrap the cage altogether and get something else, but money's tight right now and secondhand cages are pretty sparse where I am. So frustrating because in all other areas the cage is great, really nice height and access and super easy to clean. Is there anything else that I could do that will make it more secure? I thought about getting the square, rigid mesh instead, but having already spent £20 on the roll of chicken wire I don't know if it'll be cost effective. Any suggestions?

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