Substitute for wire ladders in cage

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Substitute for wire ladders in cage

Post by Vylisa » Tue Mar 20, 2018 3:33 pm

Hi there,

I will be buying 2 rats and a large cage soon for my son. I want them to be very happy and healthy and am aware of the issues surrounding rats stepping on wire platforms.

I will be purchasing pet rugs for the upper floors of the cage and a re-washable stitched incontinence blanket for the ground floor. My problem/question is regarding the ladders. I have been searching for steps, ladders or bridges to replace the ladders supplied with the cage but have not found anything large or of decent enough quality to replace the wire ladders supplied with the cage itself.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to fix onto the wire ladders? Failing that, know of a supplier who stocks large and sturdy wooden or otherwise suitable steps, bridges or ladders? They would I believe need to be a solid platform of some sort, preferably not plastic as I would think they would chew through that in no time at all.

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Re: Substitute for wire ladders in cage

Post by Caza66 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 6:44 am

Some people cover them with socks. However, I would only use ladders for oldies who struggled to get around to get to the upper shelves. For youngsters I would take out the ladders and shelves altogether. I know it seems that you have paid for them so use them, but rats need to build up their muscles so putting in ropes and hammocks throughout the cage helps them keep fit. Shelves only become wee traps. Don’t throw them away though because you will have them for when they get old.
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Re: Substitute for wire ladders in cage

Post by ScissorCrow » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:01 am

I use a lot of small perches in my cage, spaced so they can either hop from one to the other, or climb the cage bars to the next perch.

Examples are these (also called Nobbly nibblers in Pets at Home, these, and these are more expensive but they also enjoy nibbling and I think help keep their nails trim

When you set the cage up you may wonder how they will get from A to B but after a few minutes watching your youngsters there will be no doubt!

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Re: Substitute for wire ladders in cage

Post by [cub] » Wed Mar 21, 2018 11:02 am

What they said. The platforms and ladders that came with my cage are in storage; they only get used when someone in the cage has severe mobility problems. Everyone else has to exercise. :twisted: I use rope toys, perches and hanging wooden toys (accessories and toys aimed at large birds can be quite useful), nets, and the odd hammock to fill the space instead.

Also, instead of using an incontinence blanket to cover the cage base, try using loose substrate. The cheapest and best options are actually aimed at horses: chopped cardboard (e.g. Finacard, Walmsley Premierbed), heat-treated and dust-extracted wood shavings (e.g. Bedmax, Megaspread), or hemp (e.g. Aubiose, but be aware hemp is particularly good at getting absolutely everywhere, though it makes up for it by being very absorbent). A bale of horse bedding will last you months, and if you scatter their food directly into it and mix it around instead of using a food bowl, it encourages them to get even more exercise.

Do hang onto the incontinence blanket, though, as it'll be very useful for ill/old/post-op rats.
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