New corner rat cage

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New corner rat cage

Post by Bubbs_1987 » Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:20 am

Hi all,

Yesterday I acquired this cage from eBay ... -cQAvD_BwE

It is fantastic and my two boys are loving the extra space. However, there is one massive flaw with it & that's that the bedding can spill out onto the flaw really easily. Are any of you aware of any bedding on the market that's big (rather than pellet style bedding) that may be a little harder for the boys to kick out of the cage?

Many thanks.

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Re: New corner rat cage

Post by cyber ratty » Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:28 am

Most metal cages are lacking a decent depth to their tray, so we usually buy cut to size perspex from sheet plastic companies and stick the panels together ourselves to make a good tray. I would think it will be possible for you to do that, but may be difficult to get the curve right... you could possibly send a paper template. A 2mm thick front panel should be able to bend okay.

For the substrate, it sounds like you are covering the whole floor with back 2 nature? If so, then it should only be used in the toilet corner anyway, and the rest of the floor needs a nice deep layer of something like chopped cardboard and or quality shavings (heat treated and dust extracted). If you buy your food from Rat Rations, you can order greenmile shredded cardboard from them, and that will work quite well.

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