Rat Rations order for a new mix

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Rat Rations order for a new mix

Post by Buzzwizz619 » Sun Apr 03, 2016 4:06 pm

My preliminary order list is:-

1ea.- Rapeseed - Black
1ea.- Pinhead Oatmeal
1ea.- Oats - Whole
1ea.- Millet - Panicum
1ea.- Lentils - Brown
1ea.- Niger
1ea.- Pumpkin Seed
1ea.- Bulghur Wheat
2ea.- Paddy Rice
1ea.- Millet - White
1ea.- Locust Bean pieces (Carob)
1ea.- Hemp
1ea.- Dari - Red (Milo)
1ea.- Groats
1ea.- Carrot Seeds
1ea.- Safflower
1ea.- Wheat - Whole
1ea.- Corn Puffs - Popcorn
1ea.- Condition Cubes - Dodson & Horrell
1ea.- Burns Chicken and Brown Rice - Adult Cat Kibble
1ea.- Burns Chicken & Brown Rice - Adult/Senior Dog Kibble
1ea.- Traditional Pigeon Mix - Versele Laga
1ea.- Pearl Barley
1ea.- Couscous
1ea.- Peas - Blended
1ea.- Beetroot Flakes
1ea.- Dandelion - Fine Cut
1ea.- Basil
1ea.- Harrisons Banana Brunch

In addition to this they will have oats, puffed rice, rye flakes, barley flakes corn flakes, wheatabix and small amount of peanut, sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, lin seeds and dried apricot.

Is all the stuff on this list good to buy or are there some things that arent worth it? I havent figured out the quantities of each ingredient yet but overall ingredients wise is there anything else i should add?

Thanks Amy

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