Help switching to kidney friendly mix

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Help switching to kidney friendly mix

Post by Buzzwizz619 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:47 pm

I need to move to a Kidney friendly mix, 11/13 of my boys are 20 months +, one of which is currently showing very high protein levels in his urine and HLD which today i found out can be linked. I need to do a RR order very soon but im really confused as to what i need to avoid, and do i need a different base or is RR kidney friendly?

My current mix (approx) is:-
Bananna Brunch 52%
Corn flakes 8%
Wheat bisk 2%
Oats 6%
Whole wheat 2%
Dari 1%
Hemp 1%
Buckwheat 1%
Locust beans 1%
Denes mixer 1%
Puffed millet 2%
Puffed buckwheat 2%
Safflower 1%
Pigeon mix 4%
Condition cubes 1%
Wheat flakes 4%
Pumpkin seeds 1%
Rye Flakes 6%
Puffed Spelt 2%
Puffed rice 3%
Burn dog kibble 5%


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Re: Help switching to kidney friendly mix

Post by cyber ratty » Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:44 pm

Some of the RR mixes are kidney friendly (11 and 8) - but the key things to replace in your list are straight oats and wheat (whole and flake). You can use barley instead. Also, reduce the protein levels, so reduce or cut out the kibble. Not sure what's in the conditioning cubes, but they might be an issue.

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