Is this feeding plan ok?

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Is this feeding plan ok?

Post by Lizzie47 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 6:56 pm

This is what I plan to feed my two boys until they're around 4 months old, after this will reduce the protein but veg will stay the same. I will be introducing veg/new foods slowly so they won't be getting 3 portions of veg so often right away.

They will get 15g of rat rations no 7 mix each morning and evening.

Monday: 3 portions (different varieties) of veg
Wednesday: 3 portions of veg, Daily Rat 3 supplement added in
Thursday: Protein meal - eg 1 boiled egg, fish, meal worms, meat baby food or good quality dog food
Saturday: 2 portions of veg, 1 portion of fruit, Daily Rat 3 supplement added in
Sunday: Perhaps every other week they'll get some pasta, unsweetened yogurt/cereal as a small treat

So basically it's veg 3 times a week, DailyRat 3 supplement 2 times a week and 1 protein meal a week? I have a list of safe/best veg and fruit. :)
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Re: Is this feeding plan ok?

Post by cyber ratty » Mon Mar 05, 2018 4:38 pm

For the first month, I would mix in some dried protein (e.g. mealworms, insects, fish) to the #7 mix. 1 part to 20 parts of mix.

I would check with their breeder regarding how much extra food they will require - once a week may not be enough for the protein meal if they are still in a high growth phase, 3 or 4 times might be necessary. Also, they may not need it up to 4 months, it all depends on the line they come from.

I would add some cooked carbs and veg to the protein though, as it helps the body process all of the nutrients correctly.

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