What's in your mix?

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What's in your mix?

Post by neotoma » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:34 pm

Sure we had one of these threads before, so thought I'd start a new one (since I've just spent a while mixing... :) )

This is my current grain mix - n.b. it is intended only as a grain / seed mix, not a complete mix, as I do veg and animal protien as fresh food.

Flaked grains: Barley, wheat, oats, rye

Whole grains: Barley, whole oats, oat groats, wheat, paddy rice, buckwheat, white dari

Puffed grains: wheat, spelt, millet, rice

Other cereals / processed grain: mini shredded wheat, soya and linseed bran sticks, wholegrain spelt pasta

Seeds: brown linseed, black sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, nigerseed, hemp seed, brown perilla, red rape, fennel, safflower seed

Other: pine nuts, half a snack bag of mixed nuts / seeds / dried fruit

All the cereals / grains went in in equal amounts (one of my measuring bowl each), and all the seeds and nuts went in as a handful.

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by SadakoStacey » Sat Aug 13, 2011 2:49 pm

My current mix consists of RR No 7 complete mix, banana brunch rabbit food, hooman cereals and Denes wholegrain mixer.
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by BasilTheRat » Sun Aug 14, 2011 10:31 am

This is my current straights mix, I'll do a complete breakdown of what's in it, incase anyone wants to copy. If you want specific weights/quantities I can provide them!

Base Mix:
Flakes & Grains #6 (Geriatric and Kidney Support)

Additional Straights & Grains:
Flaked Barley
Flaked Buckwheat
Flaked Brown Rice
Flaked Wheat

Blackberry Leaf
Blue Maw

Wild Meadow Seeds
Hemp Seed

Kelko Rice Cakes
Mixed Cereals (including mini shredded wheat and special K)
Bran Sticks
Spelt Puffs

Dried Veggies & Fruits
Beetroot Flakes
Bell Pepper Flakes (green)
Bell Pepper Flakes (red)
Dried Tomato Flakes
Dried Carrot Flakes
Banana Chips
Coconut Curls
Dried Mixed Vegetables
Mixed Berries

This is what it looks like:
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by daffee » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:24 pm

Just made up a new batch as follows:

9 scoops harrison's banana brunch
1 scoop science selective rat nuggets
1 scoop v-dog kibble
1 scoop soya flakes
1 scoop pearl barley
1 scoop jumbo porridge oats
1 scoop paddy rice
1 scoop pasta
1 scoop mixed puffs (rice, millet, buckwheat)
1 scoop broken rice cakes
1 scoop broken ryvita
1 scoop bitesize shredded wheat
1 handful hemp seeds

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by KellyTheCrazyRatLady » Sun Aug 14, 2011 5:10 pm

i use a base of pasture mix (horse food) and then add rupert rat, fruity rabbit food (from www.food4wildbirds.co.uk) and nutty hamster mix (also from food4wildbirds). they also get fresh fruit and veg.
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by razcox » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:17 pm

Made my very first mix the other month and loved it! This is my mix:

50% Harrisons Banana bunch
30% Cereals and whole grain - Shreded wheat, cornflakes and flaked wheat 10% each
10% Burns chicken and rice dog food
10% wholewheat pasta

I then added some dried mixed veggies, noodles, pumpkin seed and Locust Bean pieces for interest
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by Lillyland » Mon Aug 15, 2011 5:21 pm

Erm. At the moment: (i have two mixes - 'young ones' and 'older ones')
Pasture Mix
Denes wholegrain mixer
Argo Rat and Mouse cubes (more in the young ones')
Rice cakes
Shredded wheat
Garlic flakes
Seaweed granules
Pasta (in the young ones' mix)

And the does cages get a handful of agnus castus seeds once a week.

I'm trying to feed their protein more as fresh food than in the mix, but the rat and mouse cubes cover me if i forget!
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by a_wee_one » Tue Aug 16, 2011 1:34 pm

Currently using :

Rabbit Royale
Rice Crispies
Wild Bird Seeds
Dog Kibble
Macaroni Pasta Tubes

Alternately add depending on whatw e pick up while shopping for us :

Dried fruit/nuts
Sunflower seeds
Malt Wheats

They get chicken bones, tinned posh cat food, eggs, cooked rice etc etc on occasion.
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by vaaksi » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:27 pm

We have 3 different mixes, 1 for adult males, 1 for young males & females and 1 for babies.

Food for adult males:
Horse food mix
Whole oat grain
Whole barley
Wheat bran
Dog kibble
Dried peas
Sunflower seeds
Garlic powder

For females & young males:
Same ingredients as in adult male mix, but different amounts and
+ peanuts

For little ones:
Female mix
+ dried, crushed nettle
Dried apple or pear
Calcium powder
Parrot mix (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, whole peanuts, rosehip, grains, locust beans etc.)

Rats love their food, are healthy and grow nicely. Also their furs have been very silky after our last change in mixes (dog kibble brand, we were not happy with the last one). :hearts:

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by HannahF » Thu Aug 18, 2011 12:14 pm

I'm still making mine from scratch for now until I've used up what I have left, then I'm going to change over to one of the RR complete ones... which will be a bit scary :oops: :shock: !

Flakes+Grains No6 (Flaked Buckwheat, Whole Barley, Flaked Barley, Flaked Maize, Brown Basmati Rice, Flaked Soya, Flaked Peas, White Dari, Mixed Millet, Paddy Rice, Buckwheat), Seed mixture (Hemp, Pumpkin, Linseed, Milk Thistle, Fennel, White Quinoa), Dried Mixed veg (Carrot, Onion, Swede, Tomato, Leek), Mixed Berries (Elderberries Hawthorn, Juniper, Mountain Ash, Rosehip), Tomato Flakes, Red Bell Pepper Flakes, Beetroot Flakes, Brown Lentils, Dandelion Leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Dill Seed, Garlic Peices, Whole Fish, Value Cornflakes, Value Rice Crispies, Rice Cakes and Macaroni.

Which looks like this:
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by Jemma » Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:01 pm

I haven't got an up to date picture yet, however I'm currently feeding the following dry mix

Dry mix – fed 5-6 days a week, approx 15-20g per rat per day, scatter fed
I mix this of a Base mix which is essentially complete and then a separate mix of more interesting and varied bits and bobs, where I introduce my changes and variety. I do have to keep this roughly balanced in terms of overall nutrition too and so it takes a bit of messing around in my head, it’s a lot more instinctive now though, all percentages are guidance, I do use some logic but some of it is the mix ‘looking right’ too.

Rat Rations No7 Complete – 60% - I use this as it has a good range of variety, is broad enough to be a base for all ages and is what my fellow TI breeders use as there base too (so we’re feeding similar things)

Denes wholegrain mixer – 5% - added for it’s copper content, it’s a vegetarian mixer which is fairly neutral in terms of protein and fat content so handy, it’s there as a bit of a catch all for vitamins and minerals along with other bits and bobs. My older rats colour has improved since it’s addition

Unprocessed grains 10% - a mixture of grains, sometimes my own mix, sometimes on of the base mixes from RR. Typically flaked barley, buckwheat, paddy rice, millet, etc. When I have oldies I avoid anything like wheat or oats, if I have relative youngsters they may get a few in there for variety. I also up the amount of flakes when I have real oldies as its easier for them to handle

Processed cereals – 10% - a mixture of supermarket cereals I have in at the time such as value corn flakes, rice crispies and mini wheat pillows, pasta, egg noodles, brown/white/wild rice, ryvita etc. Really depends what I can find and varies a lot mix to mix.

Protein – 5% ish (more if I have a younger age profile, less if I have an older one) – a selection from egg food, Soya, shrimps, tubifex, bugs, egg biscuit, broken up dog treats such as fish skins, fish for dogs small bite kibble (rarely, prefer it as treats).

Herbs, veg and seeds – 10% (equal proportions of each group) - again this varies an awful lot, here’s the main things I feed 5-6 things from (though occasionally I find something else exciting to add); Herb wise - mixed bunny herbs (naturals range and burns do some lovely ones, my faves are; herb plus, natures salad, woodland mix, chinchillas feast and plantain and red clover), dandelion, bramble leaf, raspberry leaf, clover, plantain. Vegetables - RR dried veg mix, beetroot, carrot, apple, currents, cranberries, red peppers, peas, lentils. Seeds - meadow mix, linseed, pumpkin seeds (in there shell), hemp, sunflower, pine nuts (in there shells), coconut, fennel etc

It's only a part of the full feeding regiem thoug so I will start a thread on that at some point, as i feed a lot of veg, and regular fresh now too.

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by oowie » Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:17 pm

i just updated my mix:

basemix: 51,47%

barley 666gr
paddy 666gr
millet 333gr
maize 333gr
buckwheat 333gr
rabbit foo 730gr
reggie rat 196gr

processed grains 24,57%

rice cakes 66gr
muesli 749gr
pasta 166gr
white rice 574gr

seeds 6%

linseed 200gr
hempseed 100gr
sesameseed 83gr

mixed herbs 500gr 7,9%

protein 10%

gammarus 100gr
shrimps 200gr
splitpeas 333gr

total protein in mix 13,34%
total fat in mix 4,78%

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by Kyra » Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:24 pm

My mix is always changing and I have 3 different feed bins - kittens, adults and oldies. I'll just go from the adults one, but I *think* they have at the moment...

Herby pellet free rabbit food (forgot which!)
Banana rabbit brunch
Flaked barley
Pearl Barley
Wholewheat pasta (tiny bit)
Mini shredded wheat
Mixed millet
Paddy rice
Flaked Maize
Hemp seed
Mixed meadow seeds
Puffed rice
No added sugar muesli
rice cakes
sesame seed ryvita
dried garlic shreds
seaweed powder
dried apple rings (cut into small bits)
dried herbs (bunny ones)
yellow split peas
Oat groats
tiny bit of autarky dog kibble
gammarus shrimp
sprinkling of pumpkin seeds and sunflower hearts

Think that's everything - oldies have more processed stuff, and young uns have a little more protein in there. For all of them though i'm trying to get the protein in the fresh food.

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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by Gizmo » Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:36 pm

We use supa rabbit as a base (about 50%), then add Spelt (either unsweetened puffs or flakes - about 10%), millet flakes (about 10%), I got them vegetable pasta for this mix (about 10%.. We were using wholewheat pasta but I heard someone here whose opinion I respected mention gluten being a problem for older bucks, so I'm cutting it back - can't remember which one of ye it was now though!!), jumbo oats (a little less than the others in case it's gliadin that's the problem and not gluten perhaps between 5 & 10%), buckwheat flakes (about 10%), quinoa flakes (none this mix but it's usually there at 10%), I know that doesn't add up to a hundred, but it's never exact..

In with that are a small sprinkling of sunflower seeds, some pine nuts, sesame seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground turmeric, garlic powder, and ground coriander.

On top of that they get sprouted chick peas, adzuki beans and mung beans for protein, we try to minimise meats. Once or twice a week they get oily fish (small oily fish). They get cooked quinoa once or twice a week, and they get fresh spinach, carrot, broccoli, sweet potato, butternut squash, lettuce, mango, cucumber, mushrooms, coconut and/or whatever else we have around daily..

As treats they get nuts. Almonds, hazelnuts, brazil nuts, or walnuts, in the shell, sometimes they get them without the shell, they get cashews sometimes too.. They have lots of fun getting into those shells!! And I figure it's gotta be good for their teeth.. Plus - the nuts are a good source of entertainment, copper and omega 6 & 9 :)
Sometimes we let them have cheese too, not much, we just want to make sure they're getting enough vitamin D as we have no garden for them to go out in, and don't want to rely solely on the fish for it.

Thinking of getting them some tempeh.. I didn't like it too much but I'd say they will.. It's a good type of soy to use as it's fermented and so is probiotic, as well as rich in vitamin K2 and that all important copper!!
Been meaning to order some Dr Squiggles for the boost but I keep forgetting!!
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Re: What's in your mix?

Post by mlein » Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:16 pm

6500 gram - Basic mix (whole grain) - 57,77%
2000 gram - barley flakes
1000 gram - wheat flakes
500 gram - oats
1000 gram - white oats
250 gram - buckwheat
500 gram - millet
500 gram - paddy
250 gram - brown rice
250 gram - barley
250 gram - spelled

2500 gram - Processed cereals - 22,22%
500 gram - macaroni
2000 gram - flakemix (peas / corn / carrot / wheat / barley / broad bean flakes)

400 gram - Seeds (in shell) - 3,6%
200 gram - hemp seed
100 gram - sesame
100 gram - linseed

1050 gram - (Dried) vegtables - 10,2%
100 gram - parsnip flakes
100 gram - tomato flakes
100 gram - red paprika flakes
250 gram - popped corn
100 gram - carrot flakes
250 gram - carrot chips
250 gram - pea flakes

800 gram - (dried) herbs - 7,11%
100 gram - red clover
250 gram - echinacea
500 gram - herb mix (parsley stalks / celery stalks / chervil stalks / oregano / thyme)

And than "all" the stuff we feed them fresh and give them as treat :)
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