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Please Help !!

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:15 pm
by Kiwik
I've been really interested in rats and there care, and I really would have some. The problem is that I live on a farm (so there are wild rats) and my parents say that if I own a rat, they would feed him, with poison :cry: . When they say that, it hurts me, and my friends say they are disgusting, that you should step on it to kill it.
How can I explain to my parents, and to my friends, that rats are wonderful, cute, smart pets ? I allready tried to talk to them, but won't even listen to me... :cry:
I'm 14, and I own a hamter and a chick. I take care everyday of them, so the responsible side is not really a problem.
Please help me, I hate hearing cruel things every time I talk about rats. I have one friend, who thinks like me that rats are as cute as hell.

Re: Please Help !!

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 9:41 pm
by Philosophyfox
Hello and welcome to the forum!

Rats are awesome, and it's great that you recognise that. Sadly, not everyone does.

As you are still living at your parent's house, (and are a minor) you need to follow their 'orders'. That is frustrating and annoying and it just doesn't feel fair. But it's their house. They pay the bills, have to decorate, have to keep you fed and clothed. Sucks I know.

I recommend throwing all of your attention at your hamster and chick. Hamsters are smart! Seriously. They are demanding though, and need a lot of attention. I've had a few Syrian hamsters in my time, and each one has been more demanding than my rats. Rats can entertain each other, and as sociable creatures can get entertainment from humans too (as long as they have ratty friends). Hamsters need humans to set up their cage in a stimulating manner, they need humans to let them out for free range, for so many things. Yes, rats need those things, but rats have other rats to entertain them.

Perhaps if you can show your parents that you can keep a hamster happy and occupied they will come around to the idea of rats. You could show them some cool videos on Youtube, or get them to take you to a local rat show. Tell them fancy rats aren't like wild rats - well, how they perceive wild rats.

But, it really isn't worth falling out with your parents about. You will have plenty of time for rats in the future.

If it makes it any easier, I am a grown up with four rats and I would LOVE a hamster, but I don't have the space or time right now :) :lol:

Re: Please Help !!

Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2016 4:38 pm
by Kiwik
Thank you for your reply.
I know I have to do what my parents want, and I agree with it. I'm probably going to another school next year, and it is far from my home, so I think I will have to sleep there. I think this is why they don't want me to have another pet.

Syrian hamsters are wonderful. Mine is named Farkle and he's super cute when he wants me to feed him, or to play with him.