Young Rex?

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Nutty Muffins
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Young Rex?

Post by Nutty Muffins » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:43 am

I ended up with a rat somewhere around a week old possibly a bit older (name is Abigail for reference), I'm not exactly sure how old she is. There was some speculation about this since babies usually open their eyes at about 14 days, but she didn't open hers until closer to 23days (I'm guessing)/2 weeks. So I'm not sure when I should be expecting her to molt, but I believe she is about 5-6 weeks old now, I bought her on Aug 24th. When her fur started to really come in it was kinda scruffy and collected into clumps, I had just figured it was because her guard hairs hadn't come in yet and smoothed everything out. When I bought her a buddy I noticed how smooth the buddy, Piper's, hair was in comparison; who is just a few weeks older. Now that I know for sure Abigail's hair isn't just "growing in" I can see its curly. Coming from somebody who has curly hair, I know what it looks like! But since owning rats is illegal in Alaska (shhhh....) the pet stores only breed and sell albinos, is it possible she may be a rex even though they are so selective about what they breed? I'll put a photo from day 1 and today, if that helps determine how old she is, and you can see her fur. Do babies before they molt just have curly hair, or is she possibly a rex? The thing that threw me off is that her whiskers aren't curly or kinked, they're straight with the average slight bow to them. I primarily just want to know if I need to start coloring one of my rats when they're older to be able to tell them apart, because aside from the hair.... Well, they're both albino. Thanks in advanced!

Day 1 on Aug 24th
Today Sept 18th

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Re: Young Rex?

Post by Kymm » Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:22 pm

Hi, how cute is that first picture :-) I'm no expert but I have a young boy who's around 9 weeks and I was told he is part rex and his fur looks just like that. Compared to his mate who is around the same age he looks quite scruffy. Hope this helps a bit.
Thinking about it mine has curly whiskers but two out of four of his litter mates didn't

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Jem Q
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Re: Young Rex?

Post by Jem Q » Sat Sep 24, 2016 9:35 pm

There's no such thing as part rex - a rat is either rex or it isn't :)

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