Recommended vets in Scotland

Details of vets who have been used and are recommended by members.
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Recommended vets in Scotland

Post by acapae_wolf » Fri Aug 12, 2011 9:45 am


Practice Name: Aurora Vet Clinic
Address: Old Stoneywood Church, Bankhead Road, Bucksburn, Aberdeen, AB21 9HQ
Telephone Number: 01224 716848
You can also email via the website.

This is a very open and friendly practice who're completely there for the animals first, rather than profit.

The vet I have seen at this practice is Kevin and he is wonderful with rats. I have also talked to Andrew on the phone who is competent with rat-specific advice. However they prefer you to see a single vet for a continuous problem so as to provide the best treatment possible, so I have not had a consultation with Andrew.

Drugs are suggested and prescribed with no thought to licensing, and at suitable dosages. Kevin is confident with his own abilities, but is honest with regards to areas he has had less experience with. All consultations and treatment decisions have very much been a two-way decision with as much input from me as from him - rather than the vet talking and me just nodding along.

They are also open to follow-up consultation by phone. Both Kevin and Andrew and are completely happy with one saying "by the way I've started her on xyz drug which I just happened to have to hand", or to suggest new drugs to try which one just picks up from Marcia at reception. In addition they are open to giving drugs on repeat prescription which have prescribed by another practice. I have been given large amounts of drugs at a time rather than smaller volumes to keep me returning for more.

The practice is open 24/7 and the usual staff work in shifts to cover the extra time, rather than employing external staff. As such there is no price increase in consulation/ drugs on top of the emergency fee. I have also had the extra emergency fee waivered.

All staff are kind and considerate when faced with pts. Their prefered method is gas before fatal injection, but they are open to owner preference. You're more than allowed to be present, and there is no feeling as with some practices of being rushed off the premises afterwards.

In Aberdeen I am also registered with Ashgrove Vets and Ardene House:

Ashgrove (Kevin is prefered vet) are ok with prescribing non-licensed drugs, but not overly confident. Dosages given are suitable and they treat rats and mice with the same level as care as larger animals. The practice is open 24hrs, but their own staff do not cover. However their prices are on the expensive side (drug prices themselves are not inflated), and they don't allow one to be there during pts. I've not had any surgery at this practice.

Ardene House are also ok with prescribing non-licensed drugs, but will only prescribe very short courses at a time (e.g. my 'course' of clava was 3 pills). They are also on the more expensive side for the area. The practice is open 24hrs, but their own staff do not cover. I have had emergency surgery done here, but the vet/ nurse I spoke to had limited knowledge of rat biology.

Overall, regardless of being nearer either of the other two practices I would advise travelling to Aurora. I was living in Garthdee and so Bucksburn was completely the wrong end of town for me, but it was well worth the travel for the treatment, level of care and compassion given :D

If travelling by public transport (as I mostly was) you have 2 main options. Either get a train from town up to Dyce and then a [First, I think] bus south to Bucksburn. Or to get a [First] bus from town which stops just outside the practice. If you do go by car and get lost, the receptionist is lovely at directing you over...

If anyone has any further questions please feel free to PM me; I cannot recommend Aurora enough :D
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Re: Recommended vets in Scotland

Post by lynz » Fri Aug 12, 2011 8:03 pm

practice name: collier and brock
address:70 Portland Street,Troon,KA10 6QU01292 311988
Monday to Friday 9:00 - 19:00
Saturday 9:00 - 12:00
they have 3 practices, the vet i see, Alison works in Ayr on a monday, and in Troon the rest of the week.

This vet was actually recommended to me by someone else, as said, its Alison i see and she has been fab. Nibbles has had 2 lumps removed from there, and shes sprang back from both very quickly despite being almost 2 now. i was very impressed with the wound, internal stitches were used alongside glue and both times healed up brill. she was given suitable pain relief, and invited back for a post op check up. i havent used this vets for anything else, as they are a bit out of my way, but i would defo use them over my normal vets for ops.
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Re: Recommended vets in Scotland

Post by Anabrese » Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:35 pm

They offer conventional and holistic veterinary care for pets. They have two practises, one in Bearsden, Glasgow and the other in Dunbarton.

Debbie, Hannah and Wendy are experienced with rats.

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Re: Recommended vets in Scotland

Post by Laura » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:19 pm

Lawrie Vet Group in Cumbernauld and Falkirk. Only vet I will ever use for my furries as they are very knowledgable and also very well priced. Run their own out of hours service so I don't have the worry of having to use Vets Now like I did with the old vet. I've saw all the staff that work there and they are all really good but Mr Lawrie and Liam are the exotic vets.

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Re: Recommended vets in Scotland

Post by pumpkin-head » Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:17 pm

I use Una McLean vets in Glasgow after finding them recommended on the old Fancy Rats board. I've seen a few different vets within the practice and they've all taken their time to really check my girls over, handling them confidently and talking through options for treatment. They've listened when I've suggested things I've read here and been open to ideas. They seem to really like rats and I've never felt rushed during an appointment.

Their website, however, is awful
ratless :(
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