Recommended vets in the West Midlands

Details of vets who have been used and are recommended by members.
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Recommended vets in the West Midlands

Post by wavoguns » Thu Mar 15, 2012 4:23 pm

Hopwood Vet Centre
Lickey Road
Rednal B45 (south Birmingham)

This has been my regular vet for a number of years now. Although not the cheapest, I always seem to find my way back to them.

- their opening times are great (8.30am - 6.30pm, also Saturday mornings), much better than my previous vet.
- they have at least one vet on duty (out of 2 in total or 3 in summer) and I would strongly recommend Kara in particular since she has had rats in the past herself and has guinneas and always welcomes my ratties with great delight
- they are easy to get to, not far from a bus stop and close to the M5 and M42 as well if you're coming a distance
- the receptionists and nurses are welcoming and knowledgable.

I've built up a trust with the practice where I can actually call them up and ask for phone advice via the vet rather than come into the practice in vain or to get repeat prescriptions for ongoing treatment straight away rather than having to make another appointment.

- not the cheapest. Regular consultation fee is £20 (although they do discount if I come in with only one rat or let me have a multi-rat appointment for one fee rather than charging by the pet), lancing abscesses is about £50 to £65, lumpectomies are £75 upwards depending on the severity of the case, neuters are £65. I don't know the price for spays, never needed it.
- parking isn't great, you either have to be lucky to get a spot along the road or you have to park in the pub car park opposite, but there's plenty of parking there.
- sometimes it's a bit of a struggle to get medicines prescribed that aren't licenced for rats. They usually just prescribe Baytril and metacam, but since I've been going for years now and Kara has a) learned from me bringing in stuff from the rat health guide and this forum, and b) trusts me to be able to dose things like amoxicillin etc correctly, it is getting easier. Essentially, if they know you know what you're asking for and aren't blindly quoting meds, they will prescribe it and make you sign a waiver (which I haven't got a problem with).

All in all, I do trust them and keep coming back to them. Kara is also an excellent surgeon, since I've been there and have had operations done by her my ratties have recovered a lot quicker with a lot less post-op problems than at my previous vet.
:) Gundula and the Farmdale rats :)

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