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Mamble 100cm

Post by twigletzone » Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:25 pm

I would describe the Mamble as a very good value basic cage. It has a deep plastic base and fold-down wire sides with a separate wire top which clips into place to secure everything together. The sides are attached to the base with four plastic hook clips. The clips can be a little fiddly at first but once you've got the hang they work fine. Assembling the cage does require a bit of strength in your hands and dexterity, so children or anyone who suffers from arthritis or similar may find it difficult to put together. As far as I know the 100cm version only comes in dark blue with matching bars. Bar spacing is 1cm.

Access is good if you remember that the entire lid is an access point in itself. If you set the cage up so that all the accessories hang either from the sides or the roof but don't clip the two together, the top can still be easily removed. Otherwise there are two fold-down doors on the front, easy to set up with a chain so they stay open drawbridge style. The catches on the doors are not clips, but a loose sliding bar which is held in place by gravity. The cage is available with or without accessories, which comprise a plastic corner shelf, a hanging tube, a food bowl and a litter tray. The fold-down construction makes it very easy to take apart and store or to carry elsewhere for thorough cleaning out.

Some people describe the Mamble as flimsy, and if you're used to the industrial solidity of an SRS or similar it will likely feel this way to you. However given the very affordable price I personally can forgive it one or two flaws, and it's perfectly adequate to hold active adult rats who climb and jump around. Because of the way it fits together there may be small 2cm-wide gaps in places around the doors or edges of the lid; I wouldn't want to keep very young kittens in the one I have without doing something to fix that. I also wouldn't recommend the Mamble for very destructive rats as the tips of the plastic clips which hold the sides on come into the cage and could be easily gnawed!

Size wise the 100cm version is roomy and will easily take four, possibly five or six if your rats are small or get on very well with each other. There is also a smaller 80cm version available which folds and assembles in exactly the same way and could be used as a holiday cage for up to 4. All in all a great starter cage, holiday cage or spare.
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